Friday, January 31, 2014


Progress on the Imperial City Hall continues. The exterior seems to be all buttoned up with the exception of some more landscaping. After about five attempts at the roof concept. It appears the final design has been chosen. (Seen Below)

The interior is now being focused on with the Lobby having been laid out and designed. There is still much left to do with the interior but plans show room for a council chamber, a Mayor's office and several other offices that house such departments as City Planning and the Zoning Commissioner.

No date is yet set for the opening of this building. Check back later for more updates.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Imperial City (The Foundation)

When Talamer first began playing on this map, he ran to the side of a mountain and dug a hidey-hole to stay safe from the monsters of Minecraft. Over the years that hiding place grew bigger, eventually becoming Imperial City's first building; Imperial Plaza. The entire structure was carved out of a mountain.

Some time later, a new building emerged from the neighboring mountain. This sandstone and glass structure has became the City Museum. In the image below you can see the Museum sandwiched between Imperial Plaza and Sky tower. (Sky Tower was also carved from a mushroom shaped mountain and was at one time the highest you could build in Minecraft, though that has changed since.)

Other buildings soon emerged from the mountainous landscape. Below you can see the brick art gallery.

Once quartz was added to the game, a classical style pool and spa were built. (left-hand side of below picture) On the right-hand side of the image below, you can see the beginnings of the Imperial City Library which was also carved from a mountain.

Once the outer edge of the city was constructed, Talamer's building focus turned to moving northward. This required cutting through the mountains with a great supply of TNT. Below is the initial start of the terraforming project know as 'The Cut'.

As the terraforming project went on, a new building emerged. Grand Central Station is the train hub of Imperial City connecting all the lands of The Imperial Empire with the lands of Jursammic Park, Riahtopia and Trevoria.

Once completed, the Grans Central Station was the largest transportation hub on the server, though it has since been dethroned by the creation of Trans-Hub which combines teleporation, trains and a canal system into one compact hub.

Lots more has happened on the server since these images were taken, so stay turned for more!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Round Head

 Located within The Imperial Empire is a realm known as Round Head. The name derived from the original state of the land which was a large stone hill.

Seen above, two simple cobblestone turrets were erected to defend from the monsters that exist in survival mode of Minecraft. Once the map was converted to a creative world, where any block can be used and flying is permitted, this very utilitarian design was replaced with a castle.

Below is an aerial shot of the Round Head area. The castle is seen on the right, the glass Tree Palace is at the top, the farm on the left and the long stretch of the rail line cuts across the middle.

The highlight of the farm was the use of wool to create a barn. The barn, rail bridge and Tree Palace were all built in survival mode, which means it took much longer to build and all the resources had to be gathered up rather then having a library of infinite items like in creative mode.

In this view we can see the Roman Bath House on the right of the screen. It was the first structure built using the new creative mode.

This was just a quick overview of one area in The World of Raar. More to follow!

The World Of Raar

Welcome to the World of Raar. What is it, you ask? It is a multiplayer Minecraft server world which we use to creatively build our own Utopias.

The world itself started as a single player Beta-1.8 survival world for Talamer when he first began to play Minecraft in Oct. 2011. Since then, the game of Minecraft has had several upgrades allowing the Raar world to be changed from survival to creative and then to combine sections of other players worlds onto it. Ultimately this led to placing the world on a dedicated Minecraft server allowing whitelisted players to build together. Currently there are five builders on this server.