Monday, January 26, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Equestrian Center Train Station

Hello again Crafty Miners! Welcome back to the World of RAAR. This week we travel into the desert to spotlight the Equestrian Center Train Station. Let's get to it.

The Equestrian Center was first conceived when horses were first brought into the world. It was designed to be a place where horses could be raced, breed and tested. Prior to the construction of the Equestrian Center, a transport system was needed to link it to the rest of the kingdoms of the world. This was especially necessary since Sam Co. was hired to build the entirety of the Center and needed to routinely make daily runs between Jursammic Park and the building site.

To accommodate the limited space available in the desert location, it was decided that the train station should be constructed beneath the Equestrian Center. This proved to be a wise decision as both the above ground structure and the train station project would grow in enormity and become some of the largest builds in the World of RAAR. 

Being in the desert, sandstone was chosen to form the base of the design feature with quartz as a major decoration element. A spiral walkway circles down around the above ground pavilion to provide access to the subterranean station. Intricately designed floors help guide passengers to and from the train platform which was built into the side of an underground ravine.

There is also a large ornate room dedicated to the Creeper. Many epic battles took place with these fearsome creatures when the desert was first discovered and conquered by Talamer. This room pays homage to those battles experienced by some many in those early years of the survival age.

Though the station has been long completed, the Equestrian Center itself is still in mid construction. No timeline is known for when it may be completed.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- The Tree Palace

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to another edition of Spotlight. This week we travel to the Kingdom of Roundhead and explore a relic from the past, the Tree Palace. So let's get to it!

The Tree Palace was designed and built in the age of survival in the World of RAAR. When Talamer first came to the land surrounding Roundhead, he decided to build a tree farm that would allow him to work at night away from hostile creatures. He envisioned a glass structure so large it that would allow multiple trees to be grown in it and even allow a jungle tree to be grown at the center.

To achieve this, Talamer required a great deal of sand to make glass. This lead to the founding of the Sand Castle located northeast of the Tree Palace building site and to the construction of the aqueduct style rail bridge that spanned over the landscape to connect the Sand Castle to Castle Roundhead. With a ready supply of sand, Talamer began construction of the megalithic project.

Shortly after the Tree Palace was completed a new age began in the world, the age of creative. With supplies easily available, the Tree Palace became obsolete as a source of wood and has since remained abandoned.

There are plans in the works to renovate the Tree Palace and to turn it into an arboretum, however, when this might happen has yet to be announced.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Epiphany Gardens

Welcome to this week's Spotlight build from the World of RAAR. Today we travel deep into the heart of Jursammic Park and explore the newly revitalized Epiphany Gardens. So let's get to it.

Located along the border between Jursammic Park and Riahtopia, Epiphany Gardens was once home to an infamous Jursammic Park figure known as the Sage of Epiphany. He was responsible for the majority of written history of the Park and ancient peoples. Upon his death, the area became overgrown.

While constructing the nearby Celt Helm Castle, SammyMacman rediscovered this area. He had gone for a little exploration trek, as he often does, and found a floating island with birch trees growing on top of it. Impressed with the potential, he marked the location for his future estate home and botanical gardens. 

Upon completion of Celt Helm, SammyMacman returned to the area and began construction. His first task was to setup a teleport location located in the foundation of a long abandoned tower. He then created a winding pathway through the places he wanted to create his botanical gardens. 

The botanical gardens themselves are split into several various biomes; the Foggy Bog, the Deep Dark Forest, The Witch’s Hut, and MooMoo Island.

Next he built various bridges, a groundskeeper house, and his estate home. The home is four storeys tall with two of the storeys embedded into the hill. The garden surrounding the home features an infinity pool and multiple terraces with vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and a greenhouse. The house is built in a Swiss chalet style. 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Grimshire

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome back to the World of RAAR. Today we travel back to the land of Jursammic Park to explore the small industrial city of Grimshire. 

Once a tiny settlement built on a solitary hill, Grimshire has slowly started to become a thriving metropolis with shops, a market, stables and an influx of new homes. The city was originally named for the grim, bleak feel that existed during the Great Industrial Depression. 

On an expeditionary quest which yielded the founding of Monument Lake and Dragonshire, Sam Co. founder, SammyMacman also discovered this sad and poverty stricken town and decided to revitalize it by building the Sam Co. Industrial Factory. Other revitalization projects have included the Jursammic Park Train Station and the Skystone Inn.

Much of the past architecture remains in the city with its towering three story homes and tight, winding streets. It's quite easy to get lost walking through the maze of buildings. Luckily the Factory which stands like a beacon helps guide the populace through their daily activities.

A bright future looks to be dawning on Grimshire. We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at one of the World of RAAR's emerging cities and hope you will be back soon as we unveil more of this continuously growing world with it's variety of creations. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!