Saturday, September 27, 2014

-THE CRAFTY MINER- Monson Heights Lobby Ep. 3 Video

Hello Crafty Miners! Episode 3 in the Monson Heights Lobby Build has finally been posted. In this episode Talamer adds lighting and a decorative ceiling. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Celt Helm Castle

Hello Crafty Miners, and welcome back to another edition of Spotlight. This week the spotlight shines on a colossally epic build, Celt Helm Castle.  The project was headed by SammyMacman who gives us some detail and background into the lore of Celt Helm in this exclusive interview.

Spotlight: 'SammyMacman, can you describe for us how you and your company, Sam Co, went about reconstructing this ancient structure?'

SammyMacman: 'Though no archeological evidence existed of the castle, it was described in great detail by the Sage of Epiphany and his tomes were used as reference in building the highly detailed castle. Mentioned by the historical texts as, “A front gate flanked by two stub towers and decorated with a mirrored dragon pattern lead into a cathedral-like passage towards a central drum-shaped body permeated with many spires and arches.  Edged in stone crenelations and highlighted by a motley pattern of acacia and birch. A sky-grasping forward tower stands forebodingly over the entire complex and the peaked acacia wood roofs sit high upon the towers with steep buttresses reinforcing their great height. Towards the rear is a long rounded hall which contains the ornate throne room. Beyond that lies the harbor gate, also flanked by dragons, with a moon bridge connecting the two sides. Matching sentinel towers sit at the far-most northern corners on a battlement wall which is wrapped in an acacia chain design. A small town lies within, built into the wall itself.”'

Spotlight: 'What was the historical significance of Celt Helm Castle?'

SammyMacman: 'According to the Sage of Epiphany, Celt Helm was the seat of power for the Nordican peoples who, in ages long passed, sailed on boats slaying dragons and selling the bones and scales to mages and alchemists for great wealth. It’s said their boats were framed with dragon ribs and had hulls coated in dragon scales. They were later scattered and assimilated by the forefathers of the Sallow King.'

Spotlight: 'Initially, did you think this project would be so large?'

SammyMacman: 'Not at all. We started out restoring a small gatehouse, and then the project just kept growing as we discovered more.'
Spotlight: 'Thanks for sharing some of your insights into this incredible project. We look forward to your next one.'

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of Spotlight. To get a complete look into this project, check out the Video Walkthrough with Talamer below. If you feel a rating is deserved we would more then appreciate it. It helps us out in bringing you more of these epic builds. 

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Port Davies

Welcome back, Crafty Miners! 

This week's Spotlight focuses on the newly constructed Port Davies located on the southern tip of Imperial City.

First proposed to Imperial City Council by Keegan, the port concept quickly became a popular item of business. Once the idea was approved, a location for the port became priority. Surveyors scouted out several locations but ultimately the southern peninsula of Imperial City was chosen as the most logical place to build.

Final approvals delayed the project until June, when ground was broken on the new facility. The first order of business was to extend the land into the sea, creating a pier that could dock ships, transfer cargo and provide a location to store the vast numbers of shipping containers expected to clutter the site.

Work then began on mounting the large long-boom crane onto the pier. The Frasier Crane 300 was installed in late June and began testing shortly after. 

The final phase of construction was to erect a large warehouse on the south section of the pier. Built in less then a day, the structure can hold thousands of items that have yet to be distributed to local businesses.

On Aug. 09, Port Davies was officially opened and ships began to line up to offload their goods including items from the Global Expo 1.8. Thanks to the new port facility, the latest technologies and building supplies have found their way swiftly into hands of Imperial City residents.

We hope you have enjoyed this Spotlight. Be sure to bookmark this page to check out more of the exciting and creative builds that hope to inspire you in your creations. Also, join our Google+ community and share your stories, creations and imagination. Thank you all for being the best fans out there and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!



Saturday, August 30, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- Aug 30, 2014

Welcome back to the World Of RAAR News. This week we continue our recap of the happenings of the last two months. There's a lot to cover so let's get to it.


Sam Co. owner SammyMacman has nearly completed his estate home located on the northern boundaries of Jursammic Park in an area known as Epiphany Gardens. The gardens were once a desolate area but for a floating rotunda of birch woods, however, since its discovery by SammyMacman during the reconstruction of the nearby Celt Helm Castle, the gardens have slowly been developed with paths, vegetation and now with an estate home.


Located in the northern lands of Jursammic Park, Celt Helm Castle has slowly risen block by block from the where its ancient foundations once stood. Over the last several months, Sam Co Construction has been restoring this monumental castle from the ground up. The immensity of the castle covers most of the land it sits on and even delves into the northern ocean where an enormous sea wall gate stands.

Tourists are now permitted to explore the restoration site though much of the interior of the castle is still months away from completion.

To see the full complexity of this epic structure, be sure to watch the walk through video below.


Sept. 2, 2014 is tentatively the day when Expo 1.8 will be arriving in Imperial City. A new Expo center has been built on the third floor of the Tri-C Tower for the occasion. Pending all goes well, the exposition to showcase the new blocks and technologies that are arriving will happen this Tuesday.

Residents of Imperial City are encouraged to check out the expo and see what new and exciting things are on display. 


Imperial City has begun to grow northward. After scrapping plans for a northern bridge, City Council has moved forward and approved plans to create a land bridge that will extend north to the future location of the arena. 

"Council feels this will be a better solution to city expansion as new lots for businesses will be made readily available." said Mayor Talamer shortly after the close of the council session.

A week after approval, Tri-C engineering were already hard at work building sea walls and moving dirt to create the new land mass.


Trans-Hub has announced that they have begun adding teleportation booths throughout Imperial City. The booths offer residents a quick way to navigate the ever growing city.


The winding river that flows through Imperial City has now been contained with an immense sea wall. The newly constructed wall will give both the river and city more definition.


The World of RAAR is now on Twitch TV. Come check out the builds as they happen at: world_of_raar 


Sam Co has announced it has been working on a new National Park. Stoney Mountain will be the latest natural preserve in the world of RAAR. Below is a sneak peak at the lodge.

Thanks to all you Crafty Miners out there for checking us out. Please feel free to comment and share. There are lots of creative building ideas on this page, or you can see them on our Pinterest page too. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Skystone Inn

In this week's Spotlight post, we travel back into Jursammic Park and visit the Skystone Inn.

The inn was established by SammyMacman as a means to welcome tourists to Jursammic Park and became the first project in the park infrastructure upgrade. Located on the outskirts of the city of Grimshire; it enjoys a scenic view of Skystone Castle and is only a few short steps away from the international transport hub of Jursammic Park. Guests can stay at this European style lodge and use it as a base point for their travels within the park.

This quaint structure also includes a horse rental stable in the basement allowing for all who come to visit the ability to explore the park via horseback at their own leisure. Free tours by the Jursammic Tourist Guild are also run out of this building giving tourists a first hand look at all that Jursammic Park has to offer.

We hope all of you Crafty Miners have enjoyed this build and have been inspired in your own labors. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jursammic Park Tour Video Posted!

Check out the latest video posted to our YouTube channel. SammyMacman takes us on a tour of his new Map Room and Celt Helm Castle (Pictured Above). It's an epic build!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Imperial City Post Office

Hello Crafty Miners! This week we spotlight one of the newest buildings in the World of RAAR, the Imperial City Post Office.

The exterior of the post office design was based on a picture of an insurance building in Milwaukee. The classical design made it perfect for the use of the various quartz blocks that are available. Acacia wood and grey stained glass were also utilized in the exterior along with iron bars.

The interior design continued to use the acacia wood but was accented with dark oak. Mailboxes are located along one side of the office. There is a mailbox for each resident of Imperial City and there is plenty of room for expansion. Messages are sent via written books placed into hoppers located above the mailboxes. 

We hope you have enjoyed this Spotlight. Please feel free to share your ideas and images of your versions of post offices on our Google+ community page. 
Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- Aug 09, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome to the long awaited edition of RAAR News! We hope you all have been enjoying your summer vacations. Ours has been quite busy and full of adventure. Its been awhile since the last news update and we've compiled quite a few new stories and builds to share. So let's get to it!


Imperial City is now connected to the waterways of the world with the completion of the new port facility. Shipping containers have already been arriving containing new technologies and building materials, many of which were featured at Expo 1.8. The Port Davies crane, 'Frasier', has been hard at work 24-7 since the opening of the facility early last month and looks to continue to be busy. A new shipment containing rabbits, banners, red sandstone bricks and the various kinds of wood fences, which were recently unveiled at Expo 1.8, will be arriving shortly.


Tri-C Engineering crews were hard at work in late June in preparation to move the Trans-Hub test station to it's new permanent home across the street. In early July, crews began moving the three story structure and in a record pace time, the building was positioned and secured within a day. 

Trans-Hub officials were pleased with the swiftness of the move and now have their own staff working diligently hard to complete the rail connections and get teleportation systems online. Once these priority steps have been completed, the canal linkup is then expected to take place.



Over the past month, Sam Co. Construction has been hard at work developing one of the few remaining downtown lots in Imperial City. Silverfisch's Department Store has taken shape quickly during that time, with many of the floors now being installed. No set date has been revealed for the grand opening, but residents are pleasantly excited for the completion of this multistory facility. 


After months of being on hold, engineers have finally signed off on the roof design of The Bank of Ender and construction crews were swiftly sent to work. The roof has been on hold since mid-april pending a design flaw that was weeded out during initial fabrication. Sam Co. had to take the roof plans back to the design team for a complete overhaul. 

With the new design approved, work progressed quickly on site with crews having the roof in place within a week. Now that the roof has been put in place, construction has moved to inside the bank.


Imperial City now has a Post Office. 

Early last month, City Council approved plans to build this communication center. The lot located next to Monson Heights, had been vacant for some time, but within a few weeks of approval, Tri-C Engineering had the newly designed post office complete. Inside, residents of Imperial City each have their own personal mailboxes and can send messages to each other quickly and easily.

"This is another step in bringing our residents closer together and allowing them to communicate freely." said Mayor Talamer during the council approval meeting. "We hope it will be well used."


Mayor Talamer has officially moved into the penthouse of Monson Heights. Located in the heart of downtown Imperial City, Monson Heights is a residential tower that has taken shape over the last year. Last week, crews finished up the last touches of the interior design and movers promptly brought in the furniture.

"It'll be nice to wake up with a view of the city." said the Mayor, "I won't have any more excuses for being late to council meetings."

More move-ins are expected in the near future. Little_Owl_Girl has been working with interior designers on her apartment as well.


Construction crews have completed an underground expansion to Monson Heights. An underground horse garage has been installed, allowing apartment owners a spot to park their trusted steeds. Inspired by a SethBling design, the garage can hold up to 11 horses. It's compact design has sparked an interest in using the design in other parking required instances.


Infrastructure within Jursammic Park has continued to be developed by Sam Co. Construction. Sign Totems and waypoint structures have been springing up all over the kingdom. In an interview with Sam Co. owner, SammyMacman he said, "We want to make it easy for tourists to navigate through Jursammic Park on horseback. These upgrades should help do that."

There are still a few areas that require this upgrade, but for the most part Jursammic Park has become accessible to all.


After months of waiting, episode 2 of the Monson Heights Lobby build is now up. Join Talamer as he continues to develop the Monson Heights lobby framed in an Art Deco style. 

Episode 3 is now in the editing process and hopefully can be released soon.


Thanks for checking out our latest builds and designs. We hope you have enjoyed this look into The World of RAAR. We appreciate all the support from all the Crafty Miners out there and hope each of you are enjoying your summer vacations!

Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!


~RAAR News Team

Friday, August 1, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Mountain Spring Pool

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back to the World of RAAR!

Today we continue our tour of Imperial City with a visit to the Mountain Spring Pool. The pool was first conceived when during excavation of the site, a natural spring of water was discovered in the mountain. Through various methods, the natural spring was encapsulated with quartz and a classical style structure was built around it.

The building is separated into three floors. Located on the main floor is the ladies changing room. It includes cubby holes for clothing and shoes, sinks, toilets and showers for rinsing off. On the basement level is the mens changing room. Its features are much like the ones listed above. The spring pool itself is located on the second floor along with a hot tub. A skylight on the pool level allows for natural light to filter in during the day and glimmering moonlight to cast down during the night.

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