Saturday, August 30, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- Aug 30, 2014

Welcome back to the World Of RAAR News. This week we continue our recap of the happenings of the last two months. There's a lot to cover so let's get to it.


Sam Co. owner SammyMacman has nearly completed his estate home located on the northern boundaries of Jursammic Park in an area known as Epiphany Gardens. The gardens were once a desolate area but for a floating rotunda of birch woods, however, since its discovery by SammyMacman during the reconstruction of the nearby Celt Helm Castle, the gardens have slowly been developed with paths, vegetation and now with an estate home.


Located in the northern lands of Jursammic Park, Celt Helm Castle has slowly risen block by block from the where its ancient foundations once stood. Over the last several months, Sam Co Construction has been restoring this monumental castle from the ground up. The immensity of the castle covers most of the land it sits on and even delves into the northern ocean where an enormous sea wall gate stands.

Tourists are now permitted to explore the restoration site though much of the interior of the castle is still months away from completion.

To see the full complexity of this epic structure, be sure to watch the walk through video below.


Sept. 2, 2014 is tentatively the day when Expo 1.8 will be arriving in Imperial City. A new Expo center has been built on the third floor of the Tri-C Tower for the occasion. Pending all goes well, the exposition to showcase the new blocks and technologies that are arriving will happen this Tuesday.

Residents of Imperial City are encouraged to check out the expo and see what new and exciting things are on display. 


Imperial City has begun to grow northward. After scrapping plans for a northern bridge, City Council has moved forward and approved plans to create a land bridge that will extend north to the future location of the arena. 

"Council feels this will be a better solution to city expansion as new lots for businesses will be made readily available." said Mayor Talamer shortly after the close of the council session.

A week after approval, Tri-C engineering were already hard at work building sea walls and moving dirt to create the new land mass.


Trans-Hub has announced that they have begun adding teleportation booths throughout Imperial City. The booths offer residents a quick way to navigate the ever growing city.


The winding river that flows through Imperial City has now been contained with an immense sea wall. The newly constructed wall will give both the river and city more definition.


The World of RAAR is now on Twitch TV. Come check out the builds as they happen at: world_of_raar 


Sam Co has announced it has been working on a new National Park. Stoney Mountain will be the latest natural preserve in the world of RAAR. Below is a sneak peak at the lodge.

Thanks to all you Crafty Miners out there for checking us out. Please feel free to comment and share. There are lots of creative building ideas on this page, or you can see them on our Pinterest page too. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team