Wednesday, March 25, 2015

-CONNECTIONS- Southern Galactic Rail Project

Welcome once again to the World of RAAR. This week we launch another new series of posts entitled 'Connections'. This series will feature transportation builds such as bridges, canals, stations and hubs. To kick off this new series we take a look at one of the newest connections in the World of RAAR, the Southern Galactic Rail.

Commissioned by Mayor Talamer of The Imperial Empire, the Southern Galactic Rail first broke ground in late 2014. Starting at the Grand Central Train Station located at the heart of Imperial City, the rail line first starts out underground. Excavation on the tunnel was rapid and within a day construction crews had the subterrainian portion complete. Now at the southern most point of Spawn Island, the track was diverted towards the surface where it was connected with a newly constructed rail bridge leading to Venice, a town located just south of Imperial City.

In Venice, construction has begun on a new train station to connect up with the Southern Galactic line and will be featured in a future post. Phase Two of the rail line started shortly after Phase One was connected to the Venice Train Station. Beginning in Venice, the longest rail bridge in the World of RAAR was started early in December of 2014. Upon completion in mid December that same year, the bridge spanned the entire distance of the vast Galactic Ocean and made landfall in Southlands at the Insane Cliffs.

Upon striking the jagged mountainous region, Phase Three of the project began, which invovled navigating the rail system through the twists and turns of the many jagged peaks and elevated landscapes. This phase of the project has been the slowest to date as the Insane Cliffs are considered a National Preserve causing the path of the rail to be specially mapped through alternate paths.

The next two phases of the Southern Galactic Rail are still in the initial development stages with the planned route heading west to the town of Whistlestop and then to Stoney Mountain National Park. Look for future updates of Phase four and five from our RAAR News team and also in an update post of Connections.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back for another edition of Spotlight. This week we travel to the barter town of Grim Isle to explore the history and architecture of this small community.

Built on a small island, Grim Isle was originally home to the poorest people of Grimshire whom had begun trading with travelers that passed along the main road connecting to their former home. Before long a barter town sprung up and soon more and more people flocked to the island in hopes of making a gainful living.  Houses were built wherever space could be found until the homes were just barely clinging to the island. 

When Sam Co. established a factory in the neighboring Grimshire, it was also decided that the island be made an official Trading Post. A new road was constructed with bridges making Grim Isle a stopping point for travelers. 

In recent times, the introduction of horses has changed how roads are constructed. Unable to expand the existing structure, the new horse trail road has had to bypass the island. Hopes are for the inhabitants that the new bypass will not permanently draw away travelers from their town, but only time can tell.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

-RAAR NEWS- February

Welcome back to the World of RAAR News! This is the first news edition of 2015 and will cover off all the happens of February, so let's get to it.

Caching In

Geocaching Headquarters is now under construction in Imperial City. The new building will facilitate the beginning of geocaching in the World of RAAR. It will provide players of this sport with coordinates to go out and find hidden chests that will be located throughout the known world. Talamer, who is the current Mayor of Imperial City, is extremely excited for the new building as he has been an avid geocacher. 

You can check out more of the beginning phase of this building construction in the below video:

Jursammic Park Infrastructure Expansion

Over in Jursammic Park, Sammy Macman has had his construction company hard at work on expanding the roads and way points located in his lands. 

"Much of the original infrastructure did not support the use of horses; now it does" said the Sam Co. owner in a brief interview. SammyMacman also stated that the widening of the roads was only the beginning as there are many other construction projects within the park that will need connections.

Macwood Reborn

Also in Jursammic Park, Macwood Castle has been undergoing a major renovation which includes the addition of a library and a teleport tower. Interior design changes have also been ongoing in the main castle. Some changes include a wine cellar and updated foyer.

The town has been abuzz with activity since the renovations began, many of the local citizens are rejoicing at the return of Macwood to its former glory.

New Light In The New World

Long ago in the Age of Survival, Talamer went in search of a new land south of what is now Imperial City. Tunneling for miles beneath the vast Galactic Ocean, he came upon a land that he would call 'The New World' where a quaint little village of farmers and merchants had settled. 

For years after, the village remained unchanged and untouched until recently when, now Mayor, Talamer traveled to the New World to check in on Lord and Lady TNT_McD. He decided to help the fair people of the New World Village to expand and become connected to the rest of the world.

Employing Tri-C engineering, Talamer set out to build the village into a thriving community, even laying the foundation for a train station with plans for a future rail connection. 

Interior Additions

Shortly after seeing Talamer's Walk-Thru of Monson Heights video, SammyMacman decided to develop the second floor of his apartment flat to include a sitting room, study and games room. Couches, a large sturdy desk and a swanky new pool table add to the already lustrous decor. Truly a refined bachelor's pad. 

Mapping It Out

Among the many other projects undertaken in February by SammyMacman was the remapping and update mapping of Jursammic Park. Since it's creation the park has nearly doubled in size offering a vast expanse of things to see and do.

Laying Foundations

Construction has also begun on another epic project, the Palace of Fugue. Beginning with the Iceberg Isle teleport station, Sam Co. Construction broke ground in early February on this monumental build. With special permissions from SammyMacman, RAAR News was given a sneak peek of the teleport station and palace.

Interrupting Cow 

Recently, a mischievous cow forced her way into the Imperial City Post Office temporarily interrupting mail services. After some persuasion, ol'bessy was escorted safely off the premises to a nearby field. No cows were harmed in the process.

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