Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back for another edition of Spotlight. This week we travel to the barter town of Grim Isle to explore the history and architecture of this small community.

Built on a small island, Grim Isle was originally home to the poorest people of Grimshire whom had begun trading with travelers that passed along the main road connecting to their former home. Before long a barter town sprung up and soon more and more people flocked to the island in hopes of making a gainful living.  Houses were built wherever space could be found until the homes were just barely clinging to the island. 

When Sam Co. established a factory in the neighboring Grimshire, it was also decided that the island be made an official Trading Post. A new road was constructed with bridges making Grim Isle a stopping point for travelers. 

In recent times, the introduction of horses has changed how roads are constructed. Unable to expand the existing structure, the new horse trail road has had to bypass the island. Hopes are for the inhabitants that the new bypass will not permanently draw away travelers from their town, but only time can tell.

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