Wednesday, March 25, 2015

-CONNECTIONS- Southern Galactic Rail Project

Welcome once again to the World of RAAR. This week we launch another new series of posts entitled 'Connections'. This series will feature transportation builds such as bridges, canals, stations and hubs. To kick off this new series we take a look at one of the newest connections in the World of RAAR, the Southern Galactic Rail.

Commissioned by Mayor Talamer of The Imperial Empire, the Southern Galactic Rail first broke ground in late 2014. Starting at the Grand Central Train Station located at the heart of Imperial City, the rail line first starts out underground. Excavation on the tunnel was rapid and within a day construction crews had the subterrainian portion complete. Now at the southern most point of Spawn Island, the track was diverted towards the surface where it was connected with a newly constructed rail bridge leading to Venice, a town located just south of Imperial City.

In Venice, construction has begun on a new train station to connect up with the Southern Galactic line and will be featured in a future post. Phase Two of the rail line started shortly after Phase One was connected to the Venice Train Station. Beginning in Venice, the longest rail bridge in the World of RAAR was started early in December of 2014. Upon completion in mid December that same year, the bridge spanned the entire distance of the vast Galactic Ocean and made landfall in Southlands at the Insane Cliffs.

Upon striking the jagged mountainous region, Phase Three of the project began, which invovled navigating the rail system through the twists and turns of the many jagged peaks and elevated landscapes. This phase of the project has been the slowest to date as the Insane Cliffs are considered a National Preserve causing the path of the rail to be specially mapped through alternate paths.

The next two phases of the Southern Galactic Rail are still in the initial development stages with the planned route heading west to the town of Whistlestop and then to Stoney Mountain National Park. Look for future updates of Phase four and five from our RAAR News team and also in an update post of Connections.

Thanks for checking out our blog and for all the support given by you, our awesome Crafty Miners. Hope you enjoy this new series and are inspired to build, create and share. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!