Wednesday, April 30, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- The Sand Castle

Long before Imperial City was first conceived and when the world was still overrun with zombies and creepers, Talamer begun construction on an outpost in the great eastern desert. That outpost has come to be called The Sand Castle.

Welcome back Crafty Miners to another World of Raar Building Spotlight. Today we explore that same outpost as it now is, a hub in The Imperial Empire rail system.

The Sand Castle was originally constructed as a single tower. It's main purpose was to give Talamer a place to hold up during the long nights and to defend against the various monsters that once existed in the World of Raar. During the day, Talamer would mine the sand from the surrounding desert. The sand was vital to the construction of the nearby Tree Palace which was constructed completely out of glass blocks. Eventually, to widen the scope of defence, Talamer expanded his single tower into a four walled perimeter wall. In the center he created a treed courtyard. He had to use his gardening techniques to create a path from outside of the desert to the courtyard as to encourage grass to grow into the desolation of the desert.

Once the glass Tree Palace was completed, Talamer converted the upper section of the tower into a train station and connected The Sand Castle to the rail system. When glass blocks became readily available, the castle fell into disrepair and was just the end of the line for the trains.

With the construction of the nearby Equestrian Center, The Sand Castle was renovated to expand the upper section of the tower to include a new branch of rail. This new spur added the Equestrian Center to the rail system and allowed The Sand Castle to once again be used as a hub.

We hope you have enjoyed this Spotlight and the history it brings to The World of Raar. Thanks and till we meet again, Happy Crafting!



Sunday, April 27, 2014

-THE CRAFTY MINER- Automated Street Lights

Hello Crafty Miners! In this 'How To' video, Talamer shows us how to build an automated street lighting system in Minecraft using redstone.

Friday, April 25, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Apr. 25, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! It's Friday, which means time for the weekly News. Let's get to it.


Construction crews started back to work this week at the Monson Heights building site located in the downtown core of Imperial City. Progress included finishing the exterior walls and construction of the roof of the building. The roof design calls for an Art Deco spire to match the rest of the building. Once the roof is complete, construction on the interior is expected to then begin. No word yet on when.


In the land of Riah-topiah, Little Owl Girl has begun redesigning her island paradise. Over the years, animals have been attracted to the island and eventually they overtook it. To regain control, a mass purge of the overrun animal population was required. With the grisly task completed, she began to redesign her existing home, giving it a more modern flair. The interior was also gutted and plans for a new layout have already been put in the works.


Lord TNT has continued to oversee the progress of his cathedral in Trevoria. This week, construction crews hoisted up the latest stained glass creation and secured it in it's new home at the center of the entrance tower. It is not known what the next step will be in this monstrous building, but one thing is clear, the attention to detail remains stunning.


Horse stalls have begun to be installed inside Lady TNT's enormous breeding stable. The stable, which has seen much of the exterior completed to this point, looks to have construction crews moved indoors for the next while. According to sources, Little Owl Girl has been aiding Lady TNT in her design efforts.


Hope you all have enjoyed this week's news, spotlights and updates. Make sure you check out the Google+ community page and join in the conversation. It's all about fun. Let us know what spotlights you'd like to see or what the next YouTube video should be. Thanks for all the support.

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~RAAR News Team

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to the latest spotlight which features the focus of last week's walk-through video, The USS Frontier.

Deep in the heart of The Imperial Empire lies a secret government installation known as Area 61. We were able to sneak inside this secretive compound to uncover what lied within it. The USS Frontier is what we found. 

This star ship was built to explore strange new places in the World of Raar. It's transporter room has several areas to teleport to and explore. Some of these places include an incredible savanna plateau, a dark roofed forest, a tall spruce forest and many more. 

On the bridge, the captain guides his crew on the adventure to discover more unique terrains such as the elusive Ice Spikes, Mesa and Mushroom biomes which exist somewhere out there. When a new terrain is discovered, it is added to the transporter coordinates so they can be explore in greater depth in the future.

There are so many cool and amazing things out there and the USS Frontier is ready to find them. For a more in depth look at this exploration star ship, check out the YouTube walkthrough video below:

Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

Friday, April 18, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Apr. 18, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome back to the latest edition of Raar News. Things have been quiet over the last two weeks in the World of Raar as construction crews have been on vacation. We do have a few highlights to share, so lets get to it!


The landscaping division of Sam Co. has begun redeveloping the lot adjacent to City Hall and the Bank of Ender. The new park will provide those who frequent the downtown core with a much needed green space and a place to enjoy the view across the river and surrounding architecture.  


In Trevoria, the elegant Trevorian Cathedral continues to take shape. Recently, the central entrance section has been added. Though a slow process, construction crews on the cathedral have tirelessly continued their meticulous work on this ever emerging wonder. 


The exterior of Lady TNT_McD's horse stable has continued to grow. Work has also begun on the interior with the installation of new horse stalls.


This week a map was released showing the whole of The Imperial Empire from Imperial City in the west to Roundhead in the east. The map also reveals the extent that Imperial City has grown over the last year. 


This week the Imperial City Planning Commissioner revealed plans for a future Spleef Arena. The arena's location was disclosed in a preliminary map released to the press after the Commissioner's announcement. Reasons as to why the center of the bay was chosen for the arena's construction were outlined by the Commissioner during his presentation.

"The biggest factor is future growth. Where do we want the city to grow?" he asked, "In the west we have Imperial Forest, in the south Venice, in the east is the mountains and Castle Roundhead, which leaves the only real room for future growth to the north. In order to establish continuity between the northern shores and the city, the proposed arena location would be the best way to achieve this."

No time frame was given for the beginning of this latest project, but it is speculated to start shortly after the arrival of new technology in the city which was revealed at the World Technology Expo 1.8.


Thursday night brought the release of a new YouTube video produced by Mayor Talamer. The video features one of the yet to revealed spotlights of the World of Raar, the USS Frontier. Check it out below!


Have a great week and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team

Friday, April 4, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Apr. 04, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to another edition of the weekly Raar News.


Earlier this week, Sam Co. crews worked to restructure the south side of the bank. The new design was implemented to reflect architectural changes made by SammyMacman. These changes were then incorporated into the north side facade. The bank continues to take shape and has received high praise from Imperial City residents.


Tri-C Engineering crews made more progress on the new residential tower. Three of the four sides were completely erected with the forth and final side still in process. The job site foreman confirmed to Raar News that the exterior of the building is on pace for completion early next week with crews planning to then switch over to completing the roof while an interior design contractor will begin their work on the lobby.


This week April fools had everyone running around in villager costumes and making funny sounds as they walked and worked. City Council has dubbed this annual event as International Talk Like A Villager Day.


The City Planning Commissioner released an updated citywide map on Tuesday. The revised map now shows the Opera House, City Hall, Holland Hills, The Bank of Ender and Monson Heights. 'Since January, Imperial City has nearly doubled in size and continues to grow.' said the Commissioner during the map release press conference. He also indicated more growth is expected in the near future.


This week, Raar News was able to obtain images of possible future construction projects within Imperial City. Based on the images obtained, the city seems to be in the process of planning a Cargo Yard and Harbor area in the south and a new bridge in the north. When asked about the documents, the City Planning and Zoning Commissioners refused to comment, stating that the images were merely 'conceptual drawings for possible city growth', however they did not rule out the possibility that these projects might be undertaken at a future time period.

Until Next Week

Thanks for continuing to make this fun. We are grateful for all the suggestions and help from the community. Special thanks to Keegan for the Harbor/Cargo Yard suggestion... looks like things might be moving ahead (*speculation*). Also thanks to Mackie D for your help with the new World of Raar Google+ Community page which can be found and followed at the below link. There you can get sneak previews, make suggestions and chat with other Crafty Miners like yourself. Till we meet again, Happy Crafting.

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World of Raar Google+ Community Page

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Trans-Hub Test Station

Welcome back Crafty Miners! Today in follow up to the walk through video released earlier this week, we will take a look at the Trans-Hub Station.

The Trans-Hub was built to combine multiple modes of transportation under one roof. This way people could not only have a one stop shop to cruise around Imperial City but also have the ability to choose how they wanted to travel. Test Station 1 was built to see if all the features could be combined into one small structure.

After nearly three months of testing, the City Planning commissioner has reported a success in operation and is now in the process of finding a suitable location for the Trans-Hub Station and the implementation of teleport booths and subway stations. The current Trans-Hub Test Station will be physically moved to a new centralized location, though no time frame has been given for this move. Once the infrastructure is in place, citizens will have a teleportation, rail and canal system available to navigate all of Imperial City.

For a more in-depth look at the Trans-Hub Test Station, check out the video below.

Thanks again for all the support. Please continue to support us by watching our videos, leaving comments and ideas, and most importantly, continuing to have fun and being inspired. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!