Friday, April 4, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Apr. 04, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to another edition of the weekly Raar News.


Earlier this week, Sam Co. crews worked to restructure the south side of the bank. The new design was implemented to reflect architectural changes made by SammyMacman. These changes were then incorporated into the north side facade. The bank continues to take shape and has received high praise from Imperial City residents.


Tri-C Engineering crews made more progress on the new residential tower. Three of the four sides were completely erected with the forth and final side still in process. The job site foreman confirmed to Raar News that the exterior of the building is on pace for completion early next week with crews planning to then switch over to completing the roof while an interior design contractor will begin their work on the lobby.


This week April fools had everyone running around in villager costumes and making funny sounds as they walked and worked. City Council has dubbed this annual event as International Talk Like A Villager Day.


The City Planning Commissioner released an updated citywide map on Tuesday. The revised map now shows the Opera House, City Hall, Holland Hills, The Bank of Ender and Monson Heights. 'Since January, Imperial City has nearly doubled in size and continues to grow.' said the Commissioner during the map release press conference. He also indicated more growth is expected in the near future.


This week, Raar News was able to obtain images of possible future construction projects within Imperial City. Based on the images obtained, the city seems to be in the process of planning a Cargo Yard and Harbor area in the south and a new bridge in the north. When asked about the documents, the City Planning and Zoning Commissioners refused to comment, stating that the images were merely 'conceptual drawings for possible city growth', however they did not rule out the possibility that these projects might be undertaken at a future time period.

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Thanks for continuing to make this fun. We are grateful for all the suggestions and help from the community. Special thanks to Keegan for the Harbor/Cargo Yard suggestion... looks like things might be moving ahead (*speculation*). Also thanks to Mackie D for your help with the new World of Raar Google+ Community page which can be found and followed at the below link. There you can get sneak previews, make suggestions and chat with other Crafty Miners like yourself. Till we meet again, Happy Crafting.

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