Friday, February 28, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Feb. 28, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! Today we will check in on the continuing construction projects and bring you the latest updates.


This week, after months of construction, the exterior of the Imperial City Opera House was finally completed. The Sam Co. crew worked a few extra shifts over the weekend to finish up the domed roof, which was the last element needed to button up the exterior.
Crews have since moved indoors once again and are moving towards completing the grand stairway that will connect the lobby to the operatic theater below. The stairway system plans to be an open concept design that will allow patrons full view of this immense building structure. Tinted glass panels have also been installed at the rear of the theater to create a barrier but still keep the open feel. Once the stairs are complete, lighting and the stage will be the next features the crews will need to address. As it stands now, the Opera House is still months from opening but is shaping up to be an epic finished project.


This past week also saw the tearing up of many of Imperial City's streets to make way for the new solar powered street lighting system. The new design is already showing its benefits as the streets now appear less cluttered as they did with the old overhead system. Approximately half of the city has already been converted to the new system with the remainder to be completed early in the new month.



A new structure has begun to take shape in the Imperial City suburb of Holland Hills. This marks the first of many small homes and businesses to begin construction within the area. More information will follow in the near future.


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Talamer's Stargate and Vault Renovations

Hello once again Crafty Miners! Sorry for the delayed post, Creepers had surrounded my house and the cat's refused to wake-up and chase them away. Today we look at the recent renovations undertaken by Talamer at his old base. 

First up is the portal room which links the world to the mysterious dimension known as The Nether. Initially this room was designed in a very utilitarian way. The renovation required much more excavation to enlarge the room and to make room for the lighting fixtures. The portal itself also had a few improvements including an automatic portal activator and an iron iris which can be automatically withdrawn when the portal is activated.

The second renovation takes focus on the crafting and storage room. Though it is not required for the peaceful location, Talamer wanted to keep the rooms for sentiment but upgrade the appearance. More excavation was required in order to accommodate the wanted changes. The vault area was left relatively in the same location, however the crafting area was moved to beside the vault instead of in front of it. 

Crafting Room and Vault Entrance Prior to Renovations

Same View as Above, Post-Renovation

The vault was also expanded and the lighting was upgraded as well. Originally, a minecart train from Lucky Strike Mines connected directly to the interior of the vault. This has been moved to a side passage where a future connection to the mines will be established. One day, monsters and creatures may return to The World of Raar, and when it does, Talamer will be well equipped to handle it.

Future Rail Connection
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Imperial Train Station Renovation

Welcome back Crafty Miners. Today we decided to show some before and after images of a recent renovation to the Imperial Train Station. This station was originally built as a connection between Imperial City and Roundhead. Through the years, many changes have taken place with this station. It went from a single rain line to a double, then red stone power was introduced to automate things a bit more. 

Not to be confused with Grand Central Station that connects to all the world, Imperial Station connects only to the lands of The Imperial Empire. When Talamer first settled this land, he dug down to the core to look for minerals and treasure. When he got only a few levels higher then the core, he came upon a pool of lava and a cave system. After much work, this area became a staging area and eventually a train station was needed. 

In the latest renovation, the lighting system was changed, the roofs raised and quartz replaced much of the sand stone. Seating and shrubbery were added as well. With this change already complete, another may come in the near future as new red stone inventions are put to use.
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Same view as from the lava pit shown above

Same view as above, post-renovation

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

-Spotlight- Lantern Rock Harbor

Hello again, Crafty Miners. For this week's spotlight, we travel far to the west of Jursammic Park, to an isolated island with some very unique features. Lantern Rock Harbour is a tranquil and humble home of the Swig Jiggers, a friendly sort of fishermen folk who inhabit the small island. Bright vibrant colored homes gives this place an inviting feel. To guide the boats home, a large lantern was hung from the jut of rock that cantilevers over the ocean below. It's beams of light penetrate even the darkest nights and wildest storms.

Rumors of days long past tell stories of pirates travelling to the island and hiding their booty within the hollow caverns of Lantern Rock. We met up with a local expert, Gordoff, who told us of these tales from the deep. He mentioned that to date the only things ever recovered from the ominous caverns is a chest full of fishing rods and a barrel full of squid cakes. He also told us of a saucy pirate dance they used to perform in the old days. Eager to display his heritage, Gordoff proceeded to walk to the end of the pier and dance a strange jig and sing what sounded like a rejected drunken sea shanty leaving us to wonder if this man was really an expert on the island or just the village idiot. Rumored also were sheep that inhabited the island, but we were unable to spot any in our brief stay.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ender Dragon Defeated

Not too long ago, SammyMacman and Talamer teamed up to take on the Ender Dragon. We've obtained photos from that adventure. See below!

Hunting the 'End Portal'

SammyMacman snipes the Ender Dragon with his bow and arrow.

Ender Dragon swooping back for more.

The Kill Shot (Not sure which one got the final blow)

The Ender Dragon is slain!

XP rains down over the newly formed End Portal.

Victory Pose at the End Spawn.

Friday, February 14, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Feb. 14, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome to another weekly news update from the World of Raar. This week we check in on several continuing construction projects and bring you the latest news and announcements. 

Opera House Construction Update

The roof of the Imperial City Opera House is now taking shape. Slowly over this past week, Sam Co. has been developing the roof of this massive structure. It is estimated that 95% of the exterior design is now complete and it is expected to be completely buttoned up over the weekend. Meanwhile, the interior has temporarily taken a back seat to the roof project but is expected to start up again once the roofing is complete. 

Holland Hills Sub-Division Announced

Earlier this week, Mayor Talamer announced the expansion of Imperial City to the north-east with a new sub-division. The name of the new area will be Holland Hills. Work has already begun on the infrastructure of the new development with a completed foot bridge and several winding roads. Not much more is known about this latest construction project, only that the landscape will play more of a factor in this sloped region of the city.

Imperial City Landscaping 

Bloc-tanical Landscaping has been contracted by Imperial City to begin landscaping several areas within the metropolis. Flowers and trees have been shipping in extensively in preparation for this 'greenification'. The Mayor noted in an earlier press conference that the city has "long been neglected" in this process and now feels this undertaking is "a necessity to ensure the growth and beauty of the emerging cityscape".

Imperial City Hall Construction Update

Progress has also continued on the Imperial City Hall. Construction this week concentrated on the second floor. Several offices have been laid out, as well as a conference room. The highlight though, is the completion of the long awaited Council Chamber which sits directly beneath the domed skylight of the building. Another feature added this week was a mailbox system that will allow visitors and residents the ability to leave messages for the Mayor. 

No date is yet set for the completion of this project.

Council Chamber

Bank of Ender Initial Design

Sam Co. has begun the initial stages of design for the Bank of Ender. Not much more is known about the progress of this project only that it is in the infancy of design.  

Imperial City Lighting Reno

Mayor Talamer announced on Thursday that Imperial City will be undergoing a major street light renovation. Plans are for all current street lights to be replaced with modern solar powered lamps. Though seemingly simple, the project is expected to take several months and require the upheaval of all roads. With testing complete, the new system has already started to begin on Main Street. 

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