Friday, February 21, 2014

Imperial Train Station Renovation

Welcome back Crafty Miners. Today we decided to show some before and after images of a recent renovation to the Imperial Train Station. This station was originally built as a connection between Imperial City and Roundhead. Through the years, many changes have taken place with this station. It went from a single rain line to a double, then red stone power was introduced to automate things a bit more. 

Not to be confused with Grand Central Station that connects to all the world, Imperial Station connects only to the lands of The Imperial Empire. When Talamer first settled this land, he dug down to the core to look for minerals and treasure. When he got only a few levels higher then the core, he came upon a pool of lava and a cave system. After much work, this area became a staging area and eventually a train station was needed. 

In the latest renovation, the lighting system was changed, the roofs raised and quartz replaced much of the sand stone. Seating and shrubbery were added as well. With this change already complete, another may come in the near future as new red stone inventions are put to use.
Till next time, Happy Crafting!

Same view as from the lava pit shown above

Same view as above, post-renovation

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