Friday, February 7, 2014

-World of Raar News!-

Imperial City Hall Construction Update

Today we were able to take a quick guided tour through the City Hall construction site. Since our last visit, several new offices have been added and are ready to be moved into including Mayor Talamer's. 

In addition to the newly constructed Mayor's office, there are also now offices for the Cultural, Zoning and Environmental Commissioners and the City Planner. The second floor is now the focus of the construction team. More offices and a council chamber are planned for this floor. 

Cultural Commissioner Office
City Planner Office

Zoning Commissioner Office
Environmental Commissioner Office

Second Floor Construction Zone

Opera House Construction Update

Across the street from the City Hall Construction site, The Imperial City Opera house continues to take shape. The roof is now in the initial stages of design, but still lots of work remains to finalize a concept and to have it implemented. Meanwhile inside, the balcony seating now has halls which will connect them to each other and eventually to the main elevator and staircase. Production had ground to a halt over the last weekend due to a illness that spread rapidly through the construction crew. Though not back up to full capacity, Sam Co. has pushed onward in its efforts.

Businesses Establish Offices in Imperial City

In other related news, Sam Co. and Trans-Hub have both established offices within Imperial City. 

Sam Co. Office located in Imperial Plaza

Sam Co. is owned and operated by SammyMacman. Its construction arm of the company has led in such projects as The Opera House and the newly announced construction of the Bank of Ender. Mayor Talamer told us in an interview this morning that "Sam Co. is a major player in the construction projects of this city and we look forward to working with SammyMacman and his company."

Trans-Hub Tests Station 1
Trans-Hub Office in Imperial Plaza
Trans-Hub is also fairly new to Imperial City. They are known for their streamlining of transport systems, and have already established a test station within Imperial City. Similar stations are now in the plans for across the entire metro area and will allow patrons to have the option to decide how they want to travel; be it by boat, subway or teleportation. 

Both offices are located within Imperial Plaza.