Wednesday, February 5, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Sky Castle

We decided to continue our train ride west into the vast expanse of Jursammic Park. This far stretching land is ruled by a creative genius, SammyMacman. We were fortunate to have this opportunity to visit one of the great wonders that exists in the World of Raar, Sky Castle.

Sky Castle, seen here with scaffolding for a future spiral staircase.
Built block for block, the rocky plinth of this incredible structure reaches out of the ocean and spreads into a grassy edifice upon which the entire castle firmly sits. Its quartz and cyan construction takes on the classical forms from ancient Rome and Greece and gives it a futuristic flair.

Throughout the design, attention has been given to details such as gargoyles, spires, and even a tranquil fountain located in the front courtyard.

Originally, this grand building was inspired by a pipe organ with the lofty towers jutting out at different heights. It now stands as one of the most epic builds that we have visited.

Unfortunately, most of the interior has been left temporarily vacant, however we were able to go down into the castle mount via a staircase located at the back of the center tower. Within the rocky edifice is an enormous jungle tree which stands like a guardian statue at the center of the plinth. The tree reaches down to the very depths of the castle base where it was planted on the original earth shortly after the exterior construction had been completed. Looming overhead of this cavernous chamber are several wonderfully designed chandeliers offering much needed light but maintaining an ominous ambiance of awe and mystique.

At night, Sky Castle looms over the darkened terrain like a gleaming tower. It is unlike anything we have ever experienced in our travels.

Truly this is a must-see for all who venture into the realms of Jursammic Park. Hopefully you have enjoyed this brief look at this fascinating structure. Please feel free to leave a comment or a like to show SammyMacman you love his work and want to see more. We will continue to travel around the World of Raar and bring you the pictures and news. Follow us on twitter @TIEforever and Google+ to get updates on new postings to this blog. If you are a Pinterest user, you can find many of these photos there. Happy Crafting and don't forget to share this blog with your Minecrafty friends.


We spoke to SammyMacman just prior to publication of this article and graciously he provided us with some of the photos that were taken during the construction phase. Enjoy.