Monday, February 3, 2014


Imperial City Mayor Talamer announced today that the Bank of Ender has been granted a building permit on the lands adjacent to the Imperial City Opera House. It is expected that Sam Co. Construction will be responsible for the redevelopment and subsequent construction of the mega bank which will house one of the largest and most secure vaults known in the World of Raar. 

"I was thinking like a Scrooge McDuck vault, with layers of obsidian/lava/bedrock/water/iron etc. depending on how big it is it could have different codes (via 1.8) or doors like Jack Benny’s vault/Get Smart, and it’s a project that could be built inside out." said the owner of Sam Co, SammyMacman, on Friday.  "It could also be rigged where if you put in the wrong code, you get teleported to like a city jail or something. Inside would be all gold and gems….there could also be a separate area with... safety deposit boxes."

The announcement comes on the heals of several new lots being mapped out and declared ready for development. 

"We look forward to continuing on working with Sam Co. They have been a great asset to our city and we welcome them back with open arms." spoke the Mayor during his announcement.

Sam Co. Construction is currently in the process of bringing several projects to life, primarily the Imperial City Opera House which is quickly taking shape right across from City Hall. No date has been announced for the ground breaking of the bank, but it promises to be sizable build within the fair city of Imperial.

New lots available for development

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