Wednesday, February 12, 2014

-Spotlight- Tri-C Tower

Hello again Crafty Miners. This week we return to Imperial City and explore the Tri-C Tower, the tallest building in the World of Raar. Like many of the buildings in Imperial City, the Tri-C Tower started from a mountain. After much effort....and TNT, the building took shape over the course of several months, slowly raising higher into the heavens. 

Stone bricks and quartz were chosen as the material for the exterior skin of the tower with a number of gargoyles and The Imperial Empire emblem adorning the front face. Once the exterior shell was in place, work began on the design and layout of the main lobby. After much research, an Art Deco style was chosen for the lobby and much effort was made to maintain this feel. Inspiration for the floor design came from the movie movie poster for The Great Gatsby. The elevators have also been designed with the Art Deco style in mind and utilize a new feature in The World of Raar; the Command Block, which allows for a new way of travel, be it long distance or short.

The second floor of Tri-C Tower has been strictly devoted to a Teleportation system that can send or receive a visitor from any other part of the world. The idea around this was borrowed from Star Trek. Again the newly developed Command Block aids in the function of teleporting someone from one point to another, instantly.

As of yet, the remainder of the skyscraper has vacant office space available. A viewing gallery is planned for the upper floors of the tower which will provide spectacular views of Imperial City. We hope you've enjoyed this brief look into the Tri-C Tower. Stay tuned for more news and building spotlights. Please leave a like, comment or share with your Minecrafty friends. Happy Crafting!

Inside the Elevator


Original Terrain

Tri-C Tower seen behind Imperial Plaza