Friday, February 28, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Feb. 28, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! Today we will check in on the continuing construction projects and bring you the latest updates.


This week, after months of construction, the exterior of the Imperial City Opera House was finally completed. The Sam Co. crew worked a few extra shifts over the weekend to finish up the domed roof, which was the last element needed to button up the exterior.
Crews have since moved indoors once again and are moving towards completing the grand stairway that will connect the lobby to the operatic theater below. The stairway system plans to be an open concept design that will allow patrons full view of this immense building structure. Tinted glass panels have also been installed at the rear of the theater to create a barrier but still keep the open feel. Once the stairs are complete, lighting and the stage will be the next features the crews will need to address. As it stands now, the Opera House is still months from opening but is shaping up to be an epic finished project.


This past week also saw the tearing up of many of Imperial City's streets to make way for the new solar powered street lighting system. The new design is already showing its benefits as the streets now appear less cluttered as they did with the old overhead system. Approximately half of the city has already been converted to the new system with the remainder to be completed early in the new month.



A new structure has begun to take shape in the Imperial City suburb of Holland Hills. This marks the first of many small homes and businesses to begin construction within the area. More information will follow in the near future.


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Happy Crafting!