Monday, March 3, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Sam Co. Office

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome back to a new spotlight. Today we are pleased to bring you the exclusive inside look at the new Sam Co. Office that lies within the Imperial Plaza building located in the heart of Imperial City. 

The design of this industrial looking office is fairly simple with an open concept. Filled mostly with drafting tables, the employees are able to interact with each other freely, giving way to project collaboration and design suggestion. On a normal day, this office is beaming with activity as the menagerie of engineers, architects and draftsman work together to complete their projects. Large windows at the back of the office allow the employees to overlook the cityscape and a balcony gives them a breath of fresh air and a chance to recapture their thoughts. 

Currently, the group is on the tail end of design for the much anticipated completion of the Imperial City Opera House and on the initial layout of the newly announced Bank of Ender.

Our special thanks goes out to SammyMacman for the guided tour on a bright Saturday morning and for the receptionist, Ms. Tess Tificate for being apart of our photo shoot.

Till next time, Happy Crafting!

Receptionist Ms. Tess Tificate