Wednesday, March 26, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Imperial City Museum

Hello Crafty Miners! This week we visit the freshly restored Imperial City Museum where just last week, the first exhibit opened to the public. The museum has seen many changes over the years. First built over a year ago, this 11 story structure was carved from the surrounding mountains and became the second skyscraper in Imperial City. It was also the first building to utilize the boat elevator system of travelling between floors.

Original Layout
After Renovations
Sadly, the museum never opened an official exhibit and time constraints eventually forced the building into disrepair. However earlier this year, a revitalization program for the museum was put forward and approved by city council. Work began almost immediately to gut the incomplete interior and reconstruct a new lobby and implement a command block elevator system. With these features complete, exhibit halls were able to be added and exhibits started to take shape. 

The first exhibit to open was the Earth and Mineral Exhibit on the 10th floor. Already the second and third exhibits are preparing to open in the next few days. The Mesa and Glass Exhibits will share the same floor (9th) with each other and will give patrons a glimpse at all the varieties and colors that surround these two areas of study.

Plans are also underway for Redstone and Natural Science exhibits. No news on when they may open, but museum officials say they are well on their way to get these set up shortly.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the Imperial City Museum. Please take some time to look at our other posts and share with your friends. We are grateful to all the support given to this site. Thank you and till we meet again, Happy Crafting!

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