Friday, March 28, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Mar. 28, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! This week in the World of Raar there are some big construction projects starting up. Let's take a look:


With the Opera House now waiting for new equipment to be shipped in, Sam Co. has begun shifting their building crews to the Bank of Ender construction site. They have quickly made progress on the exterior during the coarse of the week with three sides nearly erected. 

Speaking with Raar News, SammyMacman stated his excitement for the new project and is glad his crews are able to utilize the slowdown on the Opera House to their advantage. 

In related news, Sam Co. submitted a proposal to acquire the land directly adjacent to the Bank and City Hall in order to establish a park. The proposal stated that more green space in the city core would be beneficial to the area and give the downtown a warmer feeling then just cold buildings. In a statement released by the local Environment Commissioner, it said "adding more green space to an emerging city such as ours is definitely an investment and is a big step in beautifying Imperial City."

Upon review of the proposal during Wednesday's council meeting, city officials unanimously voted to green light the project. "It's another wonderful addition by Sam Co." said the Mayor after the votes were tallied and the project approved.


In a look to the distant past, the Imperial Library released before and after pictures of Imperial City. "It's truly amazing to see how far things have come and to see all the changes that have taken place over the years." said Mayor Talamer upon viewing the images. "What fun look at the past."

Original Landscape Oct. 2011
Imperial City Mar. 2014


The Imperial City Museum has officially opened their latest exhibits on the ninth floor. The Mesa and Glass exhibits are now on display for public viewing and now bring the museum's number of permanent exhibits to three. Future exhibits will include the Redstone Exhibit, the Transport Exhibit and the Natural Science exhibit, which is expected to be quite extensive.


City crews report that nearly all of the original street lights have now been upgraded to the new solar powered system. So far the new lights have received positive reviews, many praising the clean look and design. "It's definately opened the city up. It doesn't feel as cluttered." said the City Planning Commissioner.


Tri-C Engineering has begun work on a new skyscraper this week. Monson Heights will be a multistory building planned mainly for the use of residential apartments. One of those apartments will be the future home of Mayor Talamer. Construction on this sky reaching structure began Wednesday and is expected to last for several months. 


In Trevoria, the cathedral project continues to progress. The central structure is currently the main focus with more spires being added. Considering the craftsmen's eye for detail, the cathedral project has proceeded quickly.


Also in Trevoria, the newest horse stable project has also continued along with the walls now complete and exterior stalls starting to take shape. 


This week the World of Raar blog reached 158 views in one day. For us this is a big achievement and we are grateful for your continued support. Thanks also to those who build on the server and make all this possible. 

Thanks again and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~The Raar News Team

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