Wednesday, March 19, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Castle Campbell

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to our latest Spotlight build. Today we explore the historic Castle Campbell which lies deep in the heart of The Imperial Empire. The castle rests upon the height of a stone capped island situated in an open bay. Once the location of epic battles, it now acts as a tourist attraction for the inhabitants of the World of Raar.

Access to this magnificent structure requires a walk along a gently sloped spiral road to the gatehouse far above the landscape, then across a lowered drawbridge that spans the distance across the great divide. Once within the main walls, you can look out across the sea to a dense forest in the east, the mountains of the south or the emerging cityscape of Imperial City in the west.

Inside the main tower fortress there are several vacant floors, however a secret lies on the main floor. With a flip of the switch, a hidden staircase that leads underneath the castle mount will appear. Currently, beneath the castle is a train station that connects to the Imperial rail line, but rumor has it that a cavern of crypts lies buried somewhere deeper inside the mountainous base, waiting to be discovered one day.

At the rear of the castle sits a quaint little chapel temple which is currently in need of restoration since it was gutted shortly after a creeper war long ago. The exterior, however, is in perfect condition and awaits a proper interior in time.

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