Wednesday, March 12, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Monument Lake

Hello Crafty Miners! Our journey today has lead us once again into the vast lands of Jursammic Park to a little known getaway named Monument Lake. This lake is located in a secluded basin not too far from the city of Grimshire. Cabins and a lush green forest now surround this natural wonder tucked away in this hidden depression next to a gaping cavernous gorge.

SammyMacman discovered Monument Lake while trekking out on an expedition to search out new territories. After finding the hill upon which Grimshire is now located, he turned back towards his home at Macwood Castle. By happenchance, he stumbled into a low depressed area where at it's center was a small lake and a stone pillar protruding from the center of it. Standing like a statue over the lake below, the stone pillar inspired SammyMacman to name the area Monument Lake and decided to establish a personal vacation spot around it. Now Monument Lake is a favorite retreat for the ruler of Jurasammic Park pointing out a scenic location by the campfire at dusk as his most desired place to be.

Monument Lake is truly a natural wonder and we have been grateful to have been given a chance to visit and explore it. We hope you have too. Till we meet again, Happy Crafting!