Friday, March 7, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Mar. 07, 2014

Welcome Crafty Miners! This week we have quite a few new updates for you, including a complete building and the first look at a secret project. So let's get started.


After several months of construction, the Imperial City Hall is now complete. Construction crews packed up their tools shortly after lunch on Monday and the Mayor, Talamer, got the first look inside the newly erected building. For a complete walk through of the City Hall, please check out the walk through video here.


Across the street, more progress has been achieved on the Opera House project as well. With the completion of the rough cut stairs last week, this week the focus has turned more decorative. The Imperial Eagle now adorns the walls of the Opera House along with a view port out to the ocean. The staircase down from the lobby to the opera theater has been quite the undertaking. It will allow access to the box seating along with the upper balcony and floor seating sections.


After much speculation, we can confirm that TNT_McD has been working on a enormous cathedral located within the boundaries of Trevoria. Though only one tower has been constructed, this amazing edifice already stands from sea level to the sky limit making it the tallest structure in the World of Raar. TNT_McD was not available for comment, however we were able to travel under the cover of night to bring you these exclusive photographs. Simply amazing.

Holland Hills Construction

Holland Hills also received some attention this week as the exterior of a home has been constructed withing the sub-division. No word yet on when more homes will follow, only that the style will be similar to this one.


Thank you to all for the support for this site and for the support given to our new YouTube channel. We look forward to bringing you more walk throughs and other World of Raar content soon. 

Till next time, my friends... Happy Crafting!

PS- Shout out to Keegan for his interest our work and giving me a few new ideas to play with. Thanks Bud! Craft on.