Saturday, March 29, 2014

Walk-Through: Trans-Hub Test Station

Hello Crafty Miners! Check out the latest walk through video featuring the Trans-Hub Test Station.

Friday, March 28, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Mar. 28, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! This week in the World of Raar there are some big construction projects starting up. Let's take a look:


With the Opera House now waiting for new equipment to be shipped in, Sam Co. has begun shifting their building crews to the Bank of Ender construction site. They have quickly made progress on the exterior during the coarse of the week with three sides nearly erected. 

Speaking with Raar News, SammyMacman stated his excitement for the new project and is glad his crews are able to utilize the slowdown on the Opera House to their advantage. 

In related news, Sam Co. submitted a proposal to acquire the land directly adjacent to the Bank and City Hall in order to establish a park. The proposal stated that more green space in the city core would be beneficial to the area and give the downtown a warmer feeling then just cold buildings. In a statement released by the local Environment Commissioner, it said "adding more green space to an emerging city such as ours is definitely an investment and is a big step in beautifying Imperial City."

Upon review of the proposal during Wednesday's council meeting, city officials unanimously voted to green light the project. "It's another wonderful addition by Sam Co." said the Mayor after the votes were tallied and the project approved.


In a look to the distant past, the Imperial Library released before and after pictures of Imperial City. "It's truly amazing to see how far things have come and to see all the changes that have taken place over the years." said Mayor Talamer upon viewing the images. "What fun look at the past."

Original Landscape Oct. 2011
Imperial City Mar. 2014


The Imperial City Museum has officially opened their latest exhibits on the ninth floor. The Mesa and Glass exhibits are now on display for public viewing and now bring the museum's number of permanent exhibits to three. Future exhibits will include the Redstone Exhibit, the Transport Exhibit and the Natural Science exhibit, which is expected to be quite extensive.


City crews report that nearly all of the original street lights have now been upgraded to the new solar powered system. So far the new lights have received positive reviews, many praising the clean look and design. "It's definately opened the city up. It doesn't feel as cluttered." said the City Planning Commissioner.


Tri-C Engineering has begun work on a new skyscraper this week. Monson Heights will be a multistory building planned mainly for the use of residential apartments. One of those apartments will be the future home of Mayor Talamer. Construction on this sky reaching structure began Wednesday and is expected to last for several months. 


In Trevoria, the cathedral project continues to progress. The central structure is currently the main focus with more spires being added. Considering the craftsmen's eye for detail, the cathedral project has proceeded quickly.


Also in Trevoria, the newest horse stable project has also continued along with the walls now complete and exterior stalls starting to take shape. 


This week the World of Raar blog reached 158 views in one day. For us this is a big achievement and we are grateful for your continued support. Thanks also to those who build on the server and make all this possible. 

Thanks again and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~The Raar News Team

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Imperial City Museum

Hello Crafty Miners! This week we visit the freshly restored Imperial City Museum where just last week, the first exhibit opened to the public. The museum has seen many changes over the years. First built over a year ago, this 11 story structure was carved from the surrounding mountains and became the second skyscraper in Imperial City. It was also the first building to utilize the boat elevator system of travelling between floors.

Original Layout
After Renovations
Sadly, the museum never opened an official exhibit and time constraints eventually forced the building into disrepair. However earlier this year, a revitalization program for the museum was put forward and approved by city council. Work began almost immediately to gut the incomplete interior and reconstruct a new lobby and implement a command block elevator system. With these features complete, exhibit halls were able to be added and exhibits started to take shape. 

The first exhibit to open was the Earth and Mineral Exhibit on the 10th floor. Already the second and third exhibits are preparing to open in the next few days. The Mesa and Glass Exhibits will share the same floor (9th) with each other and will give patrons a glimpse at all the varieties and colors that surround these two areas of study.

Plans are also underway for Redstone and Natural Science exhibits. No news on when they may open, but museum officials say they are well on their way to get these set up shortly.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the Imperial City Museum. Please take some time to look at our other posts and share with your friends. We are grateful to all the support given to this site. Thank you and till we meet again, Happy Crafting!

Friday, March 21, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Mar. 21, 2014

Hello again Crafty Miners! This week in the World of Raar we take a look at quite a few little update items and a few news stories that were released. So let's get to it.


The Tri-C Tower completed an upgrade in which four beacons were installed to create a brighter beam into the sky. 


For years, the passageway leading from Imperial Plaza to Sky Tower had been a vital connection, however, in recent years and with the growth of the city, the passage has fallen into disrepair and scarcity of use. This week the decision from council was for the passage to be removed and that the road be flattened to match the rest of the city. Also by doing this, the city was also able to put through the electrical conduit needed for the continuing street light upgrades which have been taking place all over Imperial City.

Before the passage was removed.


The central facade section of the Trevoria Cathedral has also seen some construction this week. A new entrance and a couple of smaller spires has been added to this ever expanding structure. Nothing has been revealed to the planned size of the project, but judging from what is already built and the amount of land cleared behind the building, the Trevoria Cathedral aims to be of epic proportions.


This week it was revealed that Mrs TNT_McD has been working to construct a newer and even larger horse stable. "This one is planned to be for horse breeding", said Mrs TNT_McD in an interview on Wednesday. So far this new stable appears to dwarf its predecessor.


In other news this week, Bob, Lassie's cousin from Texas, called to attention that Timmy had once again fallen into a well. It is not certain how the you man fell into the well, but judging from previous incidents it is suspected that chronic sleepwalk diving is to blame. Timmy's Parents were not available to answer our questions, but we were able to get these few words from Bob.

"BOW WOW, Ruff Ruff"

Thanks Bob.


Ever wonder who controls the weather? Well, in Imperial City that man is Tuttle. He's a diligent worker, always making sure that when the skies darken, he's on top of stopping the rain before it starts. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Everyday Tuttle comes out of his home and checks to see what the weather is like. He is afforded all the luxuries of a home, food and water and even an open air courtyard where he can always see the sky above.
Tuttle, he's our hero weather man.


A new barrier has been risen at the borders of Imperial City. In an effort to help preserve nature surrounding the city, Mayor Talamer has commissioned a tall spruce forest to be planted along it's borders giving residents a lush green space to admire and neighbouring kingdoms a natural barrier between the countries. The forest is expected to continue to be planted to the north to follow the path of future city development.


The Imperial City Museum is proud to announce their latest exhibit is now open. The tenth floor is now the permanent home of the Earth and Mineral Exhibit. This is the first complete exhibit to be opened in the newly renovated museum and is definitely not the last. Setup has already begun on the ninth floor exhibit hall. No word yet on what it is to be. Mayor Talamer was at the opening and told Raar News that he is "thrilled to finally see the museum back in action and ready for more."


Crews have begun to drain the standing water within the new parcels of undeveloped land on the outskirts of Imperial City. This seems to be the first steps to future land development in the area, however no construction announcements have been made on these properties as of yet.


We hope you have enjoyed this update along with all of our content. We are always looking for new ideas so if you have a suggestion or two, please feel free to comment below. Till next week my friends, Happy Crafting!!

~The RAAR News Team

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Castle Campbell

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to our latest Spotlight build. Today we explore the historic Castle Campbell which lies deep in the heart of The Imperial Empire. The castle rests upon the height of a stone capped island situated in an open bay. Once the location of epic battles, it now acts as a tourist attraction for the inhabitants of the World of Raar.

Access to this magnificent structure requires a walk along a gently sloped spiral road to the gatehouse far above the landscape, then across a lowered drawbridge that spans the distance across the great divide. Once within the main walls, you can look out across the sea to a dense forest in the east, the mountains of the south or the emerging cityscape of Imperial City in the west.

Inside the main tower fortress there are several vacant floors, however a secret lies on the main floor. With a flip of the switch, a hidden staircase that leads underneath the castle mount will appear. Currently, beneath the castle is a train station that connects to the Imperial rail line, but rumor has it that a cavern of crypts lies buried somewhere deeper inside the mountainous base, waiting to be discovered one day.

At the rear of the castle sits a quaint little chapel temple which is currently in need of restoration since it was gutted shortly after a creeper war long ago. The exterior, however, is in perfect condition and awaits a proper interior in time.

We hope you have enjoyed this Spotlight and if you did, check us out at all these links below:

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