Saturday, May 31, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 31, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to the latest news update from the World of RAAR. This week features a couple of new construction updates, so let's get to it.


Last week, RAAR News announced the start of excavation at the new Trans-Hub station site. During the course of the week, much has changed. With excavation complete, Imperial City Council gave the green light to begin work on the new subway station. Tunnels have been slowly worming their way around the city towards future subway station sites and a new cart system has also been designed to streamline the launcher/receiver process.

"We're excited for this project to finally be undertaken." said Mayor Talamer shortly after the Tuesday Council meeting came to a close. "It'll really adds another layer to our much needed transportation system."

Tri-C Engineering crews have two more tunnels to begin digging and three more that are halfway dug to new subway station locations. No timeline has been given for the expected completion of the digs.


Tuesday's Council meeting also brought forward the official request of Sam Co.'s office expansion. As expected, Council approved the request with delight. 

Almost immediately upon hearing the approval verdict, Sam Co. crews went to work on the second floor expansion adding more office floor space, an elevator, and even a gift shop. In a phone conversation with Sam Co. Owner, SammyMacman, he said, "I'm very pleased with Council's decision and look forward to working with them more."

There are still a few odds and ends to take care of before the second floor of Imperial Plaza can be opened to Sam Co. employees. "Possibly this week." commented SammyMacman when asked about a completion date.


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 24, 2014

Welcome back to the World of RAAR, Crafty Miners! Today in the news we have just a few things to cover so let's get started.


This past week construction crews finally completed the arduous task of upgrading Imperial City's street lighting system. The new system features a sleek design that removes the clutter of the old system and replaces it with a powerful solar efficient alternative. 

The upgrade took longer then expected due to the inclusion of a design change in the road curbs. This extended the previous estimate of one month for the upgrade up to two. Future extensions to the city are planned to include this new lighting system.


In a request to Imperial City Council, President SammyMacman of Sam Co. Construction has requested more office space for his blossoming business. Council has yet to officially review and reply to the request, but RAAR news reporters suspect space located within Imperial Plaza may be approved for the expansion. We will bring you more as this develops.


For months now, the land adjacent to Imperial City Hall and Opera House has remained vacant with only an abandoned length of rail to be seen. This week City Council approved a plan to turn the vacant lot into the permanent home of the Trans-Hub station. 

"Currently, only a test Trans-Hub station exists within the city." said Mayor Talamer in a press conference held early Friday morning. "Plans have always been that pending the success of the Trans-Hub test station, we would construct a permanent facility for our citizens"

Tri-C Engineering has already begun excavating the new Trans-Hub site, which will provide a city-wide local public transportation system. A connection to the Grand Central train station will also allow locals access to the international transportation system.

Once construction crews complete excavation, the current Trans-Hub test station will be physically moved to the new site and the underground subway system will begin to take shape. Council has not yet released information on what will take the place of the old test station. We will keep you up to date on this latest project.


Thanks again for all the community support. You all are awesome. As a bonus to close out this week's update, RAAR News has obtained construction photos of Macwood Castle courtesy of SammyMacman. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Macwood Castle

Hello Crafty Miners, and welcome back to the World of RAAR!

We're so excited you're here to tour the town site of Macwood with us.  This quaint sleepy town has just about everything.  A harbor, a lighthouse, an inn & tavern, a huge forest, a giant wall, shops, ruthless bandits, a crazy log sawing windmill, and a shady past.  What more could you ask for?     

Yes, I know what you're thinking,  “...but does it have a castle?”

The answer is YES, and it's an EPIC one! 

 Let's get to it.

This masterful piece of architecture is located on a hill nestled in the heart of Macwood forest. Macwood Castle is an awesome site to behold. It was once home to the mysterious Earl of Macwood. Who was also a Knight. I wonder if they called him Sir Earl Macwood, or the Earl of Macwood Knight?

Sadly not too long ago this grand castle was once nothing more than a burned out ruin. Luckily SammyMacman discovered the ruins and set to work, determined to restore the castle and town to their former glory. Sammy single-handedly mined and crafted every stone and block required for the build. The beautiful dark roofs are handcrafted from nether block.

Because of the seeming endless forest that surrounds the town the main industry is, of course, timber. Long ago the ingenious townsfolk created this log sawing windmill. The rustic smell of freshly cut logs is always lingering in air as you walk around town. 

Macwood's quaint downtown is filled with lovely shops and cafes. The shops are filled with beautifully carved and crafted exotic wood items. Everything from tiny carved wolves to twelve foot long dining sets.

The Old Mayor's Mansion is another neat building in town. The first mayor was appointed by the Earl to help with the town duties. No record exists of what happened to the mayor after the town and castle were burned down by the Abyssium long ago. He simply disappeared with all the rest of the townsfolk back then.

There is a grand wall that surrounds Macwood. It is thought that the wall was constructed to protect the town from conniving bandits that preyed on the roads to and from town. Some also say the wall was to protect against wolves that reside in the forested hills. Still others say the wall was made to keep the people locked in town to prevent them from finding a great secret deep in the Macwood forest. 


Don't leave town without stopping by the Creeper Arm Inn and Tavern. It's long been notorious in the region as a great place to talk trade and mystery. The tavern is always thick with whispered rumours and ghost stories of the dead Earl Knight, the Sallow King, wild bandits in the forest, the missing townsfolk from long ago, and a mysterious portal in a nearby mine. 

 Of course, everything you hear in the tavern is true! 

Creeper Arm got its name because during construction, it suffered a plague of creeper attacks. Several ended in creeper explosions that took out parts of the inn & tavern. The name Creeper Arm has stuck ever since.

So when's the best time to visit Macwood you ask? Why Sep“timber” of course. But seriously you'll want to be sure to take in the “Limber Timber Festival” held annually the last weekend of September. This festival is Woodstock/Ironman for lumberjacks. Don't worry if you can't swing an axe, watching is half the fun. Everyone is free to enter the diamond axe draw at the festival's closing ceremony.

We hope have enjoyed our brief glimpse into the town of Macwood. Like always please feel free to leave a comment and join our Google+ community to share your creations and stories. Thanks for all your support.
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Friday, May 16, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 16, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners, and welcome back to the World of RAAR. 


This week, Sam Co. began construction of the Skystone Inn. The inn sits next to the Jursammic Park train station, which has also received some upgrading as of late. Views include the pleasant town of Grimshire and the grandeur of Sky Castle. The inn also houses a horse rental shop where visitors to the park can rent one of these fine creatures to explore and tour the expanse of Jursammic Park.


The upgrades to the Jursammic Park train station are nearly complete. After several weeks of renovation, Sam Co. construction crews have expanded the station to include a teleportation system and made the station more user friendly with color coded sections and signs. Sam Co. crews have also opened up numerous areas to natural light.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- The Transfer Station

Welcome back Crafty Miners to the World of RAAR!

Today we travel to the borders between The Imperial Empire, Trevoria and Riah-topia where a remote rail hub stands firmly planted in the midst of a vast ocean. The Transfer Station was originally built on a simple cobblestone platform that protruded from the ocean floor. It allowed the original Imperial Rail Line to connect with a small island known as Ender Island and further to the distant shores of another continent where once stood the frontier outpost, Fort Dodge.  

When the kingdoms of Trevoria and Riah-topia were created, the Transfer Station became an important rail hub, where travelers could switch trains to any of the three realms. This required the station to be upgraded to include for a map, automatic rail car dispensers and most importantly, more walking space. 

Shortly after the upgrade was completed, a giant squid emerged from the ocean deep causing widespread panic. However, this was short lived when it was revealed that the squid was actually very friendly and  a vegetarian. To ensure the enormous squid would not go on a destructive rampage, residents of nearby Imperial City decided to feed the squid a plethora of trees each day. So far, the creature has remained docile next to the Transfer Station.

The Transfer Station is currently owned and operated by the Trans-Hub Corporation who acquired the station in order to expand their transportation network. Interviews with Trans-Hub Corporation executives have revealed a future expansion may be in store to incorporate a canal linkup and walkway large enough for RAARians to ride horses on. No date has been set for when the upgrade may happen.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 9, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners to the World of RAAR news! This week has been a busy one, so let's get started.


SammyMacman, owner and operator of the Sam Co. construction company, has fast tracked his new apartment in Monson Heights to completion.  The luxurious double floor suite has taken shape over the past week with Sam Co. construction crews finishing up work late Monday night. 

RAAR News was granted access to the apartment for a photo op on Wednesday afternoon. The swanky-looking suite overlooks the majestic Imperial City Opera House which Sam Co. crews have put on hold till new technology arrives in the city. 

The elevator also had a minor face lift with the installation of some glass panels.



SAM Co. Construction also began renovations on the Jursammic Park train station this week. The plans for the upgraded station include separate areas for International Transporters, Local Transporters, the Nether Portal, Scenic Park Transporters and National Park Transporters. The layout of the station is also being overhauled to make it easier to access and navigate.


The Trevorian Cathedral continues to expand with the beginning addition of the second spire. A footprint of the Cathedral has also been established around the surrounding land. In all, this massive project continues to grow and take shape.


Earlier this week, Talamer released a video showing the beginnings of the Monson Heights lobby. Plans to release further videos is going forward. If you haven't already, take a look at the first phase of the lobby construction embedded below.


Thanks to our viewers and fans. We appreciate you all and the support given. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team