Friday, May 16, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 16, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners, and welcome back to the World of RAAR. 


This week, Sam Co. began construction of the Skystone Inn. The inn sits next to the Jursammic Park train station, which has also received some upgrading as of late. Views include the pleasant town of Grimshire and the grandeur of Sky Castle. The inn also houses a horse rental shop where visitors to the park can rent one of these fine creatures to explore and tour the expanse of Jursammic Park.


The upgrades to the Jursammic Park train station are nearly complete. After several weeks of renovation, Sam Co. construction crews have expanded the station to include a teleportation system and made the station more user friendly with color coded sections and signs. Sam Co. crews have also opened up numerous areas to natural light.


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~RAAR News Team