Saturday, May 31, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 31, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to the latest news update from the World of RAAR. This week features a couple of new construction updates, so let's get to it.


Last week, RAAR News announced the start of excavation at the new Trans-Hub station site. During the course of the week, much has changed. With excavation complete, Imperial City Council gave the green light to begin work on the new subway station. Tunnels have been slowly worming their way around the city towards future subway station sites and a new cart system has also been designed to streamline the launcher/receiver process.

"We're excited for this project to finally be undertaken." said Mayor Talamer shortly after the Tuesday Council meeting came to a close. "It'll really adds another layer to our much needed transportation system."

Tri-C Engineering crews have two more tunnels to begin digging and three more that are halfway dug to new subway station locations. No timeline has been given for the expected completion of the digs.


Tuesday's Council meeting also brought forward the official request of Sam Co.'s office expansion. As expected, Council approved the request with delight. 

Almost immediately upon hearing the approval verdict, Sam Co. crews went to work on the second floor expansion adding more office floor space, an elevator, and even a gift shop. In a phone conversation with Sam Co. Owner, SammyMacman, he said, "I'm very pleased with Council's decision and look forward to working with them more."

There are still a few odds and ends to take care of before the second floor of Imperial Plaza can be opened to Sam Co. employees. "Possibly this week." commented SammyMacman when asked about a completion date.


 Thanks for taking time to read our blog. We hope you have enjoyed it. Make sure to post your suggestions for future builds or share your creations on our Google+ Community page. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team

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