Friday, June 6, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- June 06, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to another edition of the World of RAAR news. This week we have quite a few updates. So let's get to it!


After a few weeks of intense construction, Tri-C Engineering confirms that the Trans-Hub Subway Station has been completed. Incorporated into the new design is a receiving system that will teleport the passenger into the station once the rail car has arrived.

Crews have now shifted their focus to completing the subway tunnels and to begin construction on satellite stations for the tunnels to connect to.

Time will still tell when the new technology will arrive to the city that will see the rest of the Trans-Hub Station shifted from it's current location across the street to this new location. 


The first subway connection has been made. The Imperial City subway system has now been connected to the Grand Central Station. This means that the city system now has access to the international rail system. 

The new subway system has prompted city officials to approve a plan to upgrade Grand Central with the new launcher/receiver design as was instituted in the Trans-Hub Subway Station. It is expected that the new system can be implemented swiftly with little interruption to services.


After months of renovation, Imperial Plaza's lobby final takes shape. The concept has moved away from earth tones and has moved into a brighter look.

The renovation was sparked by Sam Co.'s desire for office space within the building and subsequent expansion. Imperial Plaza was first home to Mayor Talamer when he first settled the area. The building has seen multiple renovations over the coarse of the years. Once the hub of transportation, it has now become a hub of business.

Plans show that an elevator system and additional office space are yet to be incorporated into the tower, which houses Trans-Hub Inc. and Sam Co. Construction.

Gutted Imperial Plaza

Renovated Imperial Plaza


Sam Co. has re-opened it's doors to its employees as a new project section has been completed in the expanded portion of the office. The new section is meant to facilitate workers in outstanding, current and future construction projects undertaken by the construction giant.

Promotion of travel to Jursammic Park has also been a focus. Showcasing several architectural wonders, Jursammic Park has widely been revered for its construction masterpieces most of which have been undertaken by Sam Co.


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