Friday, June 20, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- June 20, 2014

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome back to the World of RAAR. This week we take a look at a few new construction projects and also showcase a major event. So let's get to it.


Tri-C Engineering reports that the exterior of Monson Heights is now complete. This week crews finished adding the building's entrances and hope soon to have the elevators up and running.


After months of planning, this week Imperial City Construction crews began work on the new sea port. The new harbor, named Port Davies, will allow container ships the ability to dock and unload their wares.

Many of the new technologies showcased at Expo 1.8 are expected to be shipped to the city once the harbor has been completed. Port Davies will be the first major port in the World of RAAR and will provide a means of access for all future technologies and developments.

The first step in the port's construction is nearly completed, that being the laying of the foundation footings into the seabed and the surface platform of the dock.

EXPO 1.8

This week, RAAR News journeyed to Expo 1.8. The expo, which has been going on for several months now, is where new technologies and building materials are showcased to the public. Once the Expo closes for a season, the various new items will then be available for delivery. The Imperial Empire and Jursammic Park have already placed substantial orders for this Expo's newest developments. To handle the influx of importation, Imperial City has already began work on a new harbor.

We were fortunate enough to get a look at some of the new developments. Many of which will provide new materials for construction. Others such as the sponge will be utilized heavily in landscape development. Also available will be a new technological tool that will allow construction crews the ability to clear land, fill in holes and move buildings.

There may be still more new developments to be unveiled at Expo 1.8. Stay tuned for more.


Across the sea in Jursammic Park, Sam Co. Construction has been hard at work developing new roads and bridges. The new infrastructure aims to connect several of the new building projects and new lands to the existing ones. 

The road construction project comes on the heels of the overhaul in the Jursammic Park teleportation station. A major push as of late has been to connect Jursammic Park in a more easily accessible way as to allow tourists and travelers better means of exploring this vast network of wonders and monuments.


While in Jursammic Park, RAAR News was able to capture these images of a newly emerging castle. No word or comment was able to be taken about this latest development, only that Sam Co. crews were on site overseeing castle construction.


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