Wednesday, May 14, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- The Transfer Station

Welcome back Crafty Miners to the World of RAAR!

Today we travel to the borders between The Imperial Empire, Trevoria and Riah-topia where a remote rail hub stands firmly planted in the midst of a vast ocean. The Transfer Station was originally built on a simple cobblestone platform that protruded from the ocean floor. It allowed the original Imperial Rail Line to connect with a small island known as Ender Island and further to the distant shores of another continent where once stood the frontier outpost, Fort Dodge.  

When the kingdoms of Trevoria and Riah-topia were created, the Transfer Station became an important rail hub, where travelers could switch trains to any of the three realms. This required the station to be upgraded to include for a map, automatic rail car dispensers and most importantly, more walking space. 

Shortly after the upgrade was completed, a giant squid emerged from the ocean deep causing widespread panic. However, this was short lived when it was revealed that the squid was actually very friendly and  a vegetarian. To ensure the enormous squid would not go on a destructive rampage, residents of nearby Imperial City decided to feed the squid a plethora of trees each day. So far, the creature has remained docile next to the Transfer Station.

The Transfer Station is currently owned and operated by the Trans-Hub Corporation who acquired the station in order to expand their transportation network. Interviews with Trans-Hub Corporation executives have revealed a future expansion may be in store to incorporate a canal linkup and walkway large enough for RAARians to ride horses on. No date has been set for when the upgrade may happen.

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