Saturday, May 24, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May. 24, 2014

Welcome back to the World of RAAR, Crafty Miners! Today in the news we have just a few things to cover so let's get started.


This past week construction crews finally completed the arduous task of upgrading Imperial City's street lighting system. The new system features a sleek design that removes the clutter of the old system and replaces it with a powerful solar efficient alternative. 

The upgrade took longer then expected due to the inclusion of a design change in the road curbs. This extended the previous estimate of one month for the upgrade up to two. Future extensions to the city are planned to include this new lighting system.


In a request to Imperial City Council, President SammyMacman of Sam Co. Construction has requested more office space for his blossoming business. Council has yet to officially review and reply to the request, but RAAR news reporters suspect space located within Imperial Plaza may be approved for the expansion. We will bring you more as this develops.


For months now, the land adjacent to Imperial City Hall and Opera House has remained vacant with only an abandoned length of rail to be seen. This week City Council approved a plan to turn the vacant lot into the permanent home of the Trans-Hub station. 

"Currently, only a test Trans-Hub station exists within the city." said Mayor Talamer in a press conference held early Friday morning. "Plans have always been that pending the success of the Trans-Hub test station, we would construct a permanent facility for our citizens"

Tri-C Engineering has already begun excavating the new Trans-Hub site, which will provide a city-wide local public transportation system. A connection to the Grand Central train station will also allow locals access to the international transportation system.

Once construction crews complete excavation, the current Trans-Hub test station will be physically moved to the new site and the underground subway system will begin to take shape. Council has not yet released information on what will take the place of the old test station. We will keep you up to date on this latest project.


Thanks again for all the community support. You all are awesome. As a bonus to close out this week's update, RAAR News has obtained construction photos of Macwood Castle courtesy of SammyMacman. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

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