Saturday, May 3, 2014

-World of RAAR News!- May 03, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners to the World of RAAR news update. The printing press got jammed up yesterday so Update Friday is on Saturday this week.


The exterior of Monson Heights has been completed. The final block was laid last Saturday by Tri-C construction crews who worked the weekend trying to bring the tower construction back on schedule. Work on the lobby of Monson Heights has now begun and several floors have been built for future residential apartments.


Apartments sold out in Monson Heights in less then one day! Before the last floor had even been put in, tenets were knocking at the doors looking to buy up the available apartments. One of those perspective future tenets was SammyMacman, owner and operator of the Sam Co. construction company. Upon securing the possession of two floors of Monson Heights, he had his crews begin on his personal suite.
By Wednesday last week, SammyMacman had a customized elevator installed and a second entrance already built.

Other tenets securing apartments on Saturday included Lord and Lady TNT McD and Little Owl Girl. The penthouse was pre-sold to Imperial City Mayor, Talamer. 

"I look forward to moving in." said the Mayor on Friday after council meeting, "My commute to work will only be few minutes now."




The island of Riah-topiah continues to see more work being done to it. This week, Little Owl Girl, Queen of Riah-topia began to landscape her mountainous property. An arbor, swing, flowers and trees were all added to beautify the island retreat. Meanwhile inside, the ceilings were painted and a new fireplace installed.


Rumor has it that somewhere deep inside the lands of Jursammic Park, Sam Co. crews have been secretly working on a castle complete with a dragon. RAAR news has attempted to confirm the reports with pictures but as of yet have been unsuccessful in locating the new structure.

Also this week, Talamer and Little Owl Girl went on a quest to prank their fellow miners. A video was taken of their exploits and is in the process of being edited.

A new video Lets Play series is also underway which will show the construction of the Monson Heights Lobby. Look for it on our YouTube channel soon.

Thanks again to all our followers and supporters. You all are the best! 

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Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team