Tuesday, February 4, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Horse Stable

For today's Spotlight, we decided to hop a train to the distant land of Trevoria where a husband and wife team have established a quaint settlement nestled between the giant territories of The Imperial Empire and Jursammic Park.
The couple, known as TNT_McD, have been quietly working on their own projects and it is our privilege to showcase one of these. Mrs TNT_McD has always been an avid fan of horses, so naturally once these wonderful creatures started to appear within the World of Raar, Mrs TNT_McD started rounding them up. In order to keep her steeds free from harm and the ever changing elements, she constructed a beautiful horse stable. This sizable stable contains eight sectioned-off stalls which include separate pens on the exterior.
We are grateful for the tour of this unique facility and hope to travel back soon to see what other creations Mrs TNT_McD has come up with. The photos of our trip are below. Please give this post a thumbs up for the hard work put into this project.