Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Talamer's Stargate and Vault Renovations

Hello once again Crafty Miners! Sorry for the delayed post, Creepers had surrounded my house and the cat's refused to wake-up and chase them away. Today we look at the recent renovations undertaken by Talamer at his old base. 

First up is the portal room which links the world to the mysterious dimension known as The Nether. Initially this room was designed in a very utilitarian way. The renovation required much more excavation to enlarge the room and to make room for the lighting fixtures. The portal itself also had a few improvements including an automatic portal activator and an iron iris which can be automatically withdrawn when the portal is activated.

The second renovation takes focus on the crafting and storage room. Though it is not required for the peaceful location, Talamer wanted to keep the rooms for sentiment but upgrade the appearance. More excavation was required in order to accommodate the wanted changes. The vault area was left relatively in the same location, however the crafting area was moved to beside the vault instead of in front of it. 

Crafting Room and Vault Entrance Prior to Renovations

Same View as Above, Post-Renovation

The vault was also expanded and the lighting was upgraded as well. Originally, a minecart train from Lucky Strike Mines connected directly to the interior of the vault. This has been moved to a side passage where a future connection to the mines will be established. One day, monsters and creatures may return to The World of Raar, and when it does, Talamer will be well equipped to handle it.

Future Rail Connection
Thanks for visiting with us again. Till the next posting, Happy Crafting!