Wednesday, February 19, 2014

-Spotlight- Lantern Rock Harbor

Hello again, Crafty Miners. For this week's spotlight, we travel far to the west of Jursammic Park, to an isolated island with some very unique features. Lantern Rock Harbour is a tranquil and humble home of the Swig Jiggers, a friendly sort of fishermen folk who inhabit the small island. Bright vibrant colored homes gives this place an inviting feel. To guide the boats home, a large lantern was hung from the jut of rock that cantilevers over the ocean below. It's beams of light penetrate even the darkest nights and wildest storms.

Rumors of days long past tell stories of pirates travelling to the island and hiding their booty within the hollow caverns of Lantern Rock. We met up with a local expert, Gordoff, who told us of these tales from the deep. He mentioned that to date the only things ever recovered from the ominous caverns is a chest full of fishing rods and a barrel full of squid cakes. He also told us of a saucy pirate dance they used to perform in the old days. Eager to display his heritage, Gordoff proceeded to walk to the end of the pier and dance a strange jig and sing what sounded like a rejected drunken sea shanty leaving us to wonder if this man was really an expert on the island or just the village idiot. Rumored also were sheep that inhabited the island, but we were unable to spot any in our brief stay.
Till next time, Happy Crafting!