Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to the latest spotlight which features the focus of last week's walk-through video, The USS Frontier.

Deep in the heart of The Imperial Empire lies a secret government installation known as Area 61. We were able to sneak inside this secretive compound to uncover what lied within it. The USS Frontier is what we found. 

This star ship was built to explore strange new places in the World of Raar. It's transporter room has several areas to teleport to and explore. Some of these places include an incredible savanna plateau, a dark roofed forest, a tall spruce forest and many more. 

On the bridge, the captain guides his crew on the adventure to discover more unique terrains such as the elusive Ice Spikes, Mesa and Mushroom biomes which exist somewhere out there. When a new terrain is discovered, it is added to the transporter coordinates so they can be explore in greater depth in the future.

There are so many cool and amazing things out there and the USS Frontier is ready to find them. For a more in depth look at this exploration star ship, check out the YouTube walkthrough video below:

Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!