Friday, April 25, 2014

-World of Raar News!- Apr. 25, 2014

Welcome back Crafty Miners! It's Friday, which means time for the weekly News. Let's get to it.


Construction crews started back to work this week at the Monson Heights building site located in the downtown core of Imperial City. Progress included finishing the exterior walls and construction of the roof of the building. The roof design calls for an Art Deco spire to match the rest of the building. Once the roof is complete, construction on the interior is expected to then begin. No word yet on when.


In the land of Riah-topiah, Little Owl Girl has begun redesigning her island paradise. Over the years, animals have been attracted to the island and eventually they overtook it. To regain control, a mass purge of the overrun animal population was required. With the grisly task completed, she began to redesign her existing home, giving it a more modern flair. The interior was also gutted and plans for a new layout have already been put in the works.


Lord TNT has continued to oversee the progress of his cathedral in Trevoria. This week, construction crews hoisted up the latest stained glass creation and secured it in it's new home at the center of the entrance tower. It is not known what the next step will be in this monstrous building, but one thing is clear, the attention to detail remains stunning.


Horse stalls have begun to be installed inside Lady TNT's enormous breeding stable. The stable, which has seen much of the exterior completed to this point, looks to have construction crews moved indoors for the next while. According to sources, Little Owl Girl has been aiding Lady TNT in her design efforts.


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