Wednesday, August 13, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Imperial City Post Office

Hello Crafty Miners! This week we spotlight one of the newest buildings in the World of RAAR, the Imperial City Post Office.

The exterior of the post office design was based on a picture of an insurance building in Milwaukee. The classical design made it perfect for the use of the various quartz blocks that are available. Acacia wood and grey stained glass were also utilized in the exterior along with iron bars.

The interior design continued to use the acacia wood but was accented with dark oak. Mailboxes are located along one side of the office. There is a mailbox for each resident of Imperial City and there is plenty of room for expansion. Messages are sent via written books placed into hoppers located above the mailboxes. 

We hope you have enjoyed this Spotlight. Please feel free to share your ideas and images of your versions of post offices on our Google+ community page. 
Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!!