Friday, August 1, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Mountain Spring Pool

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back to the World of RAAR!

Today we continue our tour of Imperial City with a visit to the Mountain Spring Pool. The pool was first conceived when during excavation of the site, a natural spring of water was discovered in the mountain. Through various methods, the natural spring was encapsulated with quartz and a classical style structure was built around it.

The building is separated into three floors. Located on the main floor is the ladies changing room. It includes cubby holes for clothing and shoes, sinks, toilets and showers for rinsing off. On the basement level is the mens changing room. Its features are much like the ones listed above. The spring pool itself is located on the second floor along with a hot tub. A skylight on the pool level allows for natural light to filter in during the day and glimmering moonlight to cast down during the night.

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