Saturday, September 13, 2014

-SPOTLIGHT- Port Davies

Welcome back, Crafty Miners! 

This week's Spotlight focuses on the newly constructed Port Davies located on the southern tip of Imperial City.

First proposed to Imperial City Council by Keegan, the port concept quickly became a popular item of business. Once the idea was approved, a location for the port became priority. Surveyors scouted out several locations but ultimately the southern peninsula of Imperial City was chosen as the most logical place to build.

Final approvals delayed the project until June, when ground was broken on the new facility. The first order of business was to extend the land into the sea, creating a pier that could dock ships, transfer cargo and provide a location to store the vast numbers of shipping containers expected to clutter the site.

Work then began on mounting the large long-boom crane onto the pier. The Frasier Crane 300 was installed in late June and began testing shortly after. 

The final phase of construction was to erect a large warehouse on the south section of the pier. Built in less then a day, the structure can hold thousands of items that have yet to be distributed to local businesses.

On Aug. 09, Port Davies was officially opened and ships began to line up to offload their goods including items from the Global Expo 1.8. Thanks to the new port facility, the latest technologies and building supplies have found their way swiftly into hands of Imperial City residents.

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