Monday, January 26, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Equestrian Center Train Station

Hello again Crafty Miners! Welcome back to the World of RAAR. This week we travel into the desert to spotlight the Equestrian Center Train Station. Let's get to it.

The Equestrian Center was first conceived when horses were first brought into the world. It was designed to be a place where horses could be raced, breed and tested. Prior to the construction of the Equestrian Center, a transport system was needed to link it to the rest of the kingdoms of the world. This was especially necessary since Sam Co. was hired to build the entirety of the Center and needed to routinely make daily runs between Jursammic Park and the building site.

To accommodate the limited space available in the desert location, it was decided that the train station should be constructed beneath the Equestrian Center. This proved to be a wise decision as both the above ground structure and the train station project would grow in enormity and become some of the largest builds in the World of RAAR. 

Being in the desert, sandstone was chosen to form the base of the design feature with quartz as a major decoration element. A spiral walkway circles down around the above ground pavilion to provide access to the subterranean station. Intricately designed floors help guide passengers to and from the train platform which was built into the side of an underground ravine.

There is also a large ornate room dedicated to the Creeper. Many epic battles took place with these fearsome creatures when the desert was first discovered and conquered by Talamer. This room pays homage to those battles experienced by some many in those early years of the survival age.

Though the station has been long completed, the Equestrian Center itself is still in mid construction. No timeline is known for when it may be completed.

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