Monday, January 12, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Epiphany Gardens

Welcome to this week's Spotlight build from the World of RAAR. Today we travel deep into the heart of Jursammic Park and explore the newly revitalized Epiphany Gardens. So let's get to it.

Located along the border between Jursammic Park and Riahtopia, Epiphany Gardens was once home to an infamous Jursammic Park figure known as the Sage of Epiphany. He was responsible for the majority of written history of the Park and ancient peoples. Upon his death, the area became overgrown.

While constructing the nearby Celt Helm Castle, SammyMacman rediscovered this area. He had gone for a little exploration trek, as he often does, and found a floating island with birch trees growing on top of it. Impressed with the potential, he marked the location for his future estate home and botanical gardens. 

Upon completion of Celt Helm, SammyMacman returned to the area and began construction. His first task was to setup a teleport location located in the foundation of a long abandoned tower. He then created a winding pathway through the places he wanted to create his botanical gardens. 

The botanical gardens themselves are split into several various biomes; the Foggy Bog, the Deep Dark Forest, The Witch’s Hut, and MooMoo Island.

Next he built various bridges, a groundskeeper house, and his estate home. The home is four storeys tall with two of the storeys embedded into the hill. The garden surrounding the home features an infinity pool and multiple terraces with vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and a greenhouse. The house is built in a Swiss chalet style. 

We hope you have enjoyed this in depth look at the Epiphany Gardens. Perhaps this has given you some ideas for your builds. Visit our Google+ community page and share your builds. We'd love to see them. Thanks for all of your support for this blog, community page and YouTube channel. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!