Friday, March 18, 2016

::EXPO 1.9:: Finally Here

IT'S HERE!! After much anticipation and quite a long wait, 1.9 has finally been released! 

To celebrate this release, the Expo Center located in the Tri-C tower has been cleared out of all the Expo 1.8 exhibits and in its place is all the new items and blocks now available in 1.9. There is lots to see from this long coming event, even a highly guarded, highly unstable Ender crystal! (It will blow up and destroy everything... don't ask how I know)

Thanks for following Expo 1.9 over its entire course. We hope to bring you new updates as they develop for Expo 1.10!!

If you'd like to see everything released in 1.9, use the labels on the side of the blog to search for all articles related to Expo 1.9.