Friday, June 17, 2016

.: SPOTLIGHT :. Expo 1.10 Arrives

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back to another edition of Spotlight. This week we spotlight Expo 1.10 to see all the new features that have been released. So let's get to it!

Several new blocks are now available to use. These include the Magma block, the bone block, the Structure block, Nether Wart Block and the Red Nether Brick.

Of note, the structure block can be used to take existing structures or buildings, copy them and then paste them anywhere in the world. Trans-hub has already utilized this new technology to copy their transportation station several times to various locations. Public works is also looking at using this block to create standard public structures that can be placed around the city, such as the teleportation booths.

Lastly, we say hello to a new animal that has been discovered; the Polar Bear. These creatures come from the frosty lands of snow and ice. This particular fellow is the first in the World of RAAR. Once this exposition is complete, he will be safely transported to a newly announced Animal Preserve that will be located in north Imperial City.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the new 1.10 items. Please feel free to comment or check out the rest of our blog. If you are looking to get blog updates faster, join our World of RAAR Google+ community. Thanks for your support and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!