Wednesday, August 19, 2015

::EXPO 1.9:: Command Blocks & Maps

Today new features were released for our viewing and testing so let's have a look.

Command blocks got an update. There are now 3 types of command blocks that can be used. The first is the normal single command block. It runs exactly how it always has. Type in a command and apply power.

The second type is called a Chain command block (Green Block). It requires another command block in order to run. How it works is if the first command block is powered, the second one will run right after the first. This will allow for several of these command blocks to be chained together without having to worry about applying redstone power to every single one. This will help with more compact designs. To know which block is next in the chain, the texture includes a directional arrow as seen on the blue command block above. To determine the direction, command blocks are now placed like tree trunks allowing the designer to determine which way to string the command blocks.

The third type of command block is the Repeat command block. As long as the power is applied to this block, the command will run every game tick. This means if you never wanted it to rain in your world, you could power this block and it will run the clear skies command forever. Downfall of doing that is you would never be able to message any other player without it getting lost in the jumble.

Maps had a quick update as well. The zoom level has been changed again to make the maps more useful when in hand. Unfortunately this will mess up pre-existing map walls/rooms.  Guess we will have to remap this bad boy:

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Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!