Wednesday, August 5, 2015

::Expo 1.9:: Pathways and The End

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome back to another Crafty Wednesday. For a second week in a row we have a new snapshot, which means we get to take a look at what will be coming our way in the 1.9 release. Let's get to it!

This week pathways have been added. You can make them by simply using a shovel. Just like a hoe is used for tilling a garden, the shovel removes the top layer of grass and leaves behind a yellowish-brown patch of earth. 

As you can see in the above picture, the new path block is slightly shorter then the grass block, much like how snow is slightly taller then the same block. Grass and plants will not grow on the pathway and snow will not accumulate on it.

Some of the other features discovered since last week's look at 1.9, was the new Ender City and Ships. They can be explored in after the Ender Dragon has been defeated and offers up a few goodie items if you're a survival player scavenging around for chests. With the expanded End realm, this could open the door for some new creative buildings. 

Ender City
Random items found in one of the city structures.
A new mob that disguises itself as a block; Shulker
Chorus Plants
Floating Ender Ship. There are chests filled with loot inside

That's it for this week. Thanks for commenting and liking this post. We appreciate all the support and look forward to continuing to bring you the latest updates and building ideas. Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!