Wednesday, June 3, 2015

-CONNECTIONS- East Entrance Horse Stables

Hello Crafty Miners and welcome back to the World of RAAR. In this month's Connections post we take a look at the Imperial City East Entrance Horse Stable. This stable actually has quite a bit of history surrounding it so let's take a look.

Originally where now stands a castle-like stable there was once a small mountain. Like much of the Imperial City area, mountains were once the dominant feature. The tunnel through the current stable is the same tunnel that was carved through the rocky mountain surface by Talamer during the Age of Survival, which allowed him to access Buffalo Bay where he was building a road system to connect Imperial City to Roundhead. 

As the Age of Survival closed and the Age of Creative began, Imperial City took on a new shape where the majority of the mountains were carved away into buildings. The small mountain which was to become the stables was first shaped into a castle fortress, then as horses were discovered in the world, the fortress was hollowed out and converted into stables. Redstone gates were also added into the design to allow patrons easy access to their steeds.

Since its completion, Imperial City has tripled in size leaving the East Entrance Horse Stable well used and overcrowded. This has prompted discussion at last month's Imperial City Council meeting on the topic of revamping the outdated stable. Though all of the Councillors agree that the stable overcrowding needs to be addressed, there is a split on whether the course of action should be renovation or  rebuild. Those proposing the rebuild say that the space could be better used and that it could be combined with the issue of the Imperial City Library Project, which also faces demolition due to its inefficient design. For now council has opened the matter up to the public to weigh in and are also awaiting a feasibility study to be completed. 

Thank you for liking and commenting on this post. Please feel free to express your thoughts on the fate of the East Entrance Horse Stable. Should it be renovated or torn down and rebuilt? Let us know and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

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