Wednesday, June 17, 2015

- SPOTLIGHT - Tri-C Engineering Office

Welcome back all you Crafty Miners to the World of RAAR. This week we Spotlight the newly constructed Tri-C Engineering office located on the third and forth floors of the magnificent Tri-C Tower. So let's get to it.

Tri-C Engineering was originally founded by Talamer after envisioning a city located around the first settlement in the RAAR world. Since that time, Tri-C Engineering has gone on to design and build structural feats within Imperial City such as the Grand Central Train Station, Imperial Plaza, City Hall and the location of its new office, Tri-C Tower.

Originally the office was located on the top three floors of Imperial Plaza, however space limitations made it necessary for a larger location. After much design, Tri-C Tower was erected next door to Imperial Plaza and before long the new office was being laid out.

As soon as the elevator doors open, clients and employees are greeted with the reception and waiting area. After passing through the reception area, there is a lunch room and break area for employees to socialize and collaborate with each other. Stairs located next to the lunch room lead to the company administration where Mayor Talamer still maintains an office. The rest of floor three is reserved for the drafting and design group which head up the various construction and engineering projects. The copy room is located adjacent to the design area and provides employees with quick access to company resources and scanners.

Lunch Room

With the final touches being put in place, Tri-C Engineering plans to move its employees next Monday morning, just in time to continue the hectic workload that is still ahead of them.

Drafting Department

We hope you have enjoyed our look at the Tri-C Engineering Office and hope it has given you some ideas for your builds. To see more of these inspiring builds be sure to check out our pinterest page and our YouTube page . Keep up the awesome support and thank you for helping us grow by sharing with your friends and family. Every view, click and comment is greatly appreciated and helps us to bring you more content. Take care and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team

Copy Room