Wednesday, June 10, 2015

-SPOTLIGHT- Grimshire Harbor

Hello Crafty Miners! Welcome to another edition of Spotlight. This week we travel back into the land of Jursammic Park to explore the freshly built Grimshire Harbor. So, let's get to it.

With the completion of Port Davies in Imperial City, the town of Grimshire also decided a harbor was needed in order to access the world trade. Sam Co. architects took to the job in early spring designing a dock, crane and warehouse that would both suit the needs of the citizens and match the unique design style of the town.

Once the design was complete, Sam Co. Construction crews prepared the site and began to construct the new port. Once the crane and warehouse were complete, spruce piles were driven into the sea bed to support the dock platform.

Not long after the completion of the dock, ships began to pour into the new access point allowing Grimshire to begin to import and export their wares.

The tall ship seen docked below was specially designed by Sam Co. owner, SammyMacman. It was launched from Macwood in late spring and has already done several transport runs between the two cities. More ships are expected to be commissioned before too long. Rumor has it a shipyard is in the initial planning stages in Imperial City.

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