Wednesday, July 15, 2015

- CONNECTIONS - Jursammic Park Train Station

Welcome to another edition of Connections where this month we visit the Jursammic Park Train Station.

Located just on the outskirts of Grimshire, the Jursammic Park Train Station stands like a pinnacle above the grassy knolls and open fields that surround it. Originally built to house the rail connection between Imperial City and Jursammic Park, the train station has been expanded, renovated and upgraded several times in its recent past.

The first major upgrade was to the interior layout. With the invention of teleporters, individual kiosks were installed within the station to allow quick access to distant locales and kingdoms. The help desk and lounge were also relocated to a separate wing to allow space for the new teleportation areas.

More renovations followed as the number of teleporter kiosks increased, the map room was added and the Nether Portal was incorporated into the design. Color coordination was also added to differentiate kiosks between the different kingdoms. For example, the red kiosk section is reserved for all international destinations, whereas the grey section is reserved for all Jursammic Park teleporter locations. 

The last major upgrade happened only a few short months ago when the amount of teleporter kiosks overwhelmed the current space allocations. Recognizing this as a problem that would continue to arise, SammyMacman had his construction company, Sam Co., design and renovate the facility to include multiple floors available for more kiosks to be added in the future.

Despite the ease of the teleporter technology, it is important to note that original train connections are still active and are currently in use. Proving that sometimes the journey itself is more important then the speed it takes to get from point A to point B. 

Thank you Crafty Miners for your support of the World of RAAR. We aim to continue to bring to you new lore stories and fantastic builds that hopefully will inspire you in your own creations. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

Aerial View

Front Entrance

National Park Kiosks

Multi-floored Facility

Train Station Stairwell