Wednesday, July 1, 2015

- RAAR News - March-June



Jursammic Expanding

Since last year, Jursammic Park has nearly doubled in size and with twice as many locations to travel to, an upgrade to the Jursammic Park teleportation system was drastically needed. Under the guiding hands of Sam Co. owner, SammyMacman, crews began the delicate and extensive work needed to increase the teleportation capacity of the station earlier this year. 

By the end of March, Sam Co. crews completed their work and the station was re-opened. The expanded location now features several floors of teleportation booths and will allow for future expansion when needed.

Sending In Reinforcements 

In March, Imperial City Council met to discuss the need to expand the downtown core. After much debate, it was decided that the current plots of land located in the core needed to be increased in size. In order to accomplish this, construction crews would need to dig further into the dirt slopes of Holland Hills, a residential community located on the north side of the Royal Canal.

After the completion of a feasibility study, City Council approved the expansion, requiring large retaining walls to be placed along the exposed slopes of Holland Hills. Ground was broken on the first of April and lasted a week. Several new and larger land plots are now available for development.

Bridging The Gap

Corresponding with Imperial City's plan to increase downtown plot sizes, two new bridges were also approved for construction. The Holland Hills bridge which was demolished in March to accommodate the shorter span across the Royal Canal. After a complete re-design the bridge was rebuilt over the coarse of the April month. 

A second bridge also began to be constructed in April and was completed in May of this year. The Skywalk bridge now allows a second route across the canal and access to the eastern shore of the Imperial City downtown.   

The Big News

RAAR News announced in June that it had acquired a parcel of land in Imperial City and have begun to construct the RAAR News building. No word yet on when the project is expected to be completed.

Inspiration for RAAR News Building

Very Amusing

A secret project was unveiled on June 8th; the TIEland Amusement Park. Located on a peninsula south of Roundhead, the park has been under construction since May of this year. It has also been confirmed that the first ride at the amusement land will soon be opened. It is called the Rocky River Rampage. 

Park officials have also told RAAR News that they are seeking more ride ideas from you, so be sure to submit them in the comments below, on the community page or like our special TIEland Pinterest board to be invited to pin your amusement park ideas to it.

One Stop Shop

With the continued expansion of the Southern Galactic Railroad, a new stop has been added along its path. Almost overnight, the town of Whistlestop has popped up allowing railroad workers quicker access to the worksite. Around the town, forests are being cleared to make way for farms and homesteads. Whistlestop aims to be a small farming community that will offer a stop to weary travellers needing a good night's rest and access to the Stoney Mountain Nation Park.

Port of Entry

Already highlighted in the June  edition of Spotlight, Grimshire has completed the final work on its new harbor. Ships are already docking at this newly developed port which allows the folks of Grimshire new found access to the trades of the world. Be sure to check out the Spotlight Feature.

Topping It Off

On Sunday, Talamer released another new Minecraft World of RAAR video on our YouTube channel showing the completion of the exterior of Geocaching Headquarters. He also goes through the steps of creating a simple weather machine. You can check out the video below and be sure to subscribe for more!

Stay Tuned

Thanks for supporting the World of RAAR. We hope you have been inspired in your own builds. There are many more builds and videos ahead so be sure to stay tuned and until we meet again, Happy Crafting!

~RAAR News Team